Tell me a bit about Essence.

Essence is an Israel-based smart connected-living solutions company for security, communication, and healthcare service providers (B2B2C model). Backed by 20 years of experience (founded in 1994) and over 10 million devices installed worldwide, we take pride in the full ownership of our end-to-end solutions: from concept development and design through the manufacturing of hardware and software to the day-to-day operations. This not only ensures system reliability, it means we can be flexible and design solutions ideally personalized to partner needs, enhancing their market positioning and end-customer experience.

Essence offers 3 lines of business:

Smart Living – Smart Living enables consumers to enjoy the possibilities that life offers through seamlessly managing their connected homes from anywhere, anytime, on any screen in real time. Essence Smart Living based on the WeR@Home platform opens up new business opportunities for service providers looking to differentiate their offerings with self-monitoring via mobile and web apps and a simple-to-use, easy-to-install, and comprehensive smart connected home solution.

Smart Care – Smart Care enables people to enjoy the comfort of aging at home with full confidence and peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones. As people age, they want to remain independent, enjoying the possibilities that life offers and getting the help they need –   only when they need it – seamlessly. Smart Care based on Care@Home platform is for healthcare and other service providers looking to expand and enhance their offerings with innovative home care solutions.

Smart Security – Smart Security, based on the EverGuard platform, goes beyond security with safety and video monitoring capabilities. Remotely accessible by professionals and customers alike, it provides security service providers with a reliable, cost-effective system and customers with the confidence that the people and places they value most are protected. Essence systems offer an opportunity for security providers to gain a competitive edge, drive growth and better their business, while they better their customers’ lives.

What are Essence’s flagship products?

Essence offers three connected home product suites – one for each line of business:

WeR@Home – the WeR@Home is a DIY, cloud-based home management solution that integrates home security and home automation features. The system is easy and intuitive to use and installs within 15 minutes. Cloud technology and mobile apps allow the user to remotely control his home and take actions such as:

  • Watch live video
  • Arm/disarm the system
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Control Z-Wave devices
  • Set scenarios and rules for automation

Care@Home – Care@Home enables the elderly population to age in their home independently by seamlessly monitoring their daily routine (Activities of Daily Living-ADL). Wireless sensors are located in various rooms and detect activity levels. The control unit gathers all information from the home and transmits it to the cloud, where a smart algorithm and analytics engine analyzes and processes it and learns the daily routine pattern. The smart algorithm notifies the caregiver or/and the family member of any deviation from routine via mobile app and web portal. The patient doesn’t have to press any button or actively interact with the system and therefore enjoys life to the fullest, while his family member is always in the know. Examples for abnormalities monitored:

  • Skipped meals
  • Prolonged time out of home
  • Too many times in the toilet
  • Inactivity/low activity

EverGuard – EverGuard is a professional wireless intrusion alarm system for residential and small-to-medium businesses. The system is professionally installed and monitored and complies with security requirements. The Everguard is installed in over 1 million households and is highly reliable.

How does Care@Home work and who is it designed to care for?

The working mechanism of the Care@Home solution is described above. The solution is designed to care for the rising elderly population. The target market is the over 65 population and the chronically ill who would like to be part of the “aging in place” trend.

What makes Care@Home unique?

The Care@Home differentiators are:

  • Self-learning system that enables seamless monitoring (no need to press any buttons)
  • Smart algorithm that enables the issue of insightful alerts according to severity levels (low/medium/high). E.g.: “Severity – High, possible fall”
  • Push notifications and alerts via mobile app to both family member and health service providers
  • Modular solution with PERS (personal emergency response system) at its base. Customers can choose between “traditional PERS” and a total “wellness” solution
  • The solution can be customized according to the user’s needs. Safety devices and other peripherals can be added on a “grow as you go” basis.
  • User experience: intuitive and extremely easy to use customer-centric app
  • What special requirements will my healthcare provider need to participate with the system?

Practically, the health service provider doesn’t need to answer specific requirements to offer the system. He does need installers since the installation is professional at this point, and he needs to have a central station/admin for emergency services – something he must already have since dealing with services…

How does WeR@Home work and what can it do?

The WeR@Home is a cloud-based wireless M2M home management solution that brings the IoT to every home. Wireless devices communicate with hub with a proprietary RF protocol, and the hub communicates with the cloud. The end user interacts with the system via mobile and web apps thanks to Essence’s cloud technology. Home automation features are enabled with a Z-Wave extension added to the hub with a simple plug and play dongle.

What makes WeR@Home unique?

The WeR@Home differentiators are:

  • True DIY solution. Apparently, very few products are truly easy to install – the WeR@Home IS
  • Clean design that fits every home décor and environment. This is feedback we have received from both customers and industry experts.
  • Industry-leading RF range (600 m)
  • Devices are operated by AA Alkaline batteries that can be found in any supermarket (virtually all other solutions use Lithium)
  • Short time to market. A service provider can launch a connected home solution based on WeR@Home in just 3 months

What is your vision for the home?

We believe that connected homes will become a reality thanks to the Internet of Thing, which will help connect more and more devices affordably. To adapt to the rapidly changing environment, we have developed a framework we call “One Play Framework.” In this platform, one smart cloud platform will run various processes such as big data, analytics engine, automation rules, and others, and host and support many applications like home security, home automation, home health monitoring, home safety, and many more to follow. The One Play framework will enable Essence to offer a customizable solution that best fits the service providers’ customers’ needs with short time to market.

We believe that service providers will offer “one play” connected home solutions as part of an integrated approach towards connected life (From triple/quad play to One Play).

Amit Kroll

Over the past few years, Amit has been following the Connected Home market and its various domains very closely, analyzing the strategic impact on the traditional security market to ensure Essence remains competitive in this extremely dynamic environment. The Essence One Play™ Framework is the fruit of Essence’s deep market understanding and a natural co-evolution with the Internet of Things market. The aim is that service providers will be able to offer a scalable solution for a connected life, based on Essence’s platform.​

About Essence
Essence provides smart connected-living solutions for security, communication, and healthcare service providers. Backed by 20 years of experience and over 10 million devices installed worldwide, we take pride in the full ownership of our end-to-end solutions; from concept development and design, through the manufacturing of hardware and software to the day to day operations. This not only ensures system reliability, it means we can be flexible and design solutions ideally personalized to partner needs, enhancing their market positioning and end-customer experience.