Demo Software available at Homation Systems or the HTI Shareware Library.

HomeAtion 2000 is one of the newer generation of Home Automation software that allows control of your house systems via a Powerline Modem. It can serve as the front end for such controllers as:
1. JDS TimeCommander Plus
2. JDS Stargate (for functions compatible with TC Plus)
3. HomeBase
4. HomeVision (soon)
5. Applied Digital MicroRedac (Old HAL Dynasty II)
6. CM11A

Installing HomAtion is simple and the help system is very comprehensive, guiding you through the processes with some simple examples and a demonstration layout. There are 2 modes … Design Mode (where you set up your layout and add devices etc.) and Operating Mode (where you can directly control devices using the mouse).

House Layout in Operating Mode

In Design Mode you add your devices quickly using the tool bar buttons (Add a Lamp, Module, Thermostat, Analog Input, Digital Inputs and Outputs, Weather Measure). Each device icon appears on your layout and you drag it into position. Right Click on the icon and the appropriate Properties Dialog Box pops up. Here you set up the device codes and other properties (lots to choose from).

Lamp Properties Dialog Box

To program Events and Timers you click the appropriate button in the Properties Dialog Box and the Event or Timer Dialog Box appears. You can set up very complex events using the easy to follow … fill in the blanks interface. No programming to learn.

“Events” Dialog Box

Digital and analog devices connect thru the power line interface and are available with the TimeCommander Plus, HomeBase, HomeVision and MicroRedac.

IR also is handled by the power line interface and will be available with the HomeVision unit soon and TimeCommander IR_Xpander later. Right now IR output works with the TC Plus if you have one of the modified One-for-all 12’s JDS was selling.

Lutron Electronics
To use digital or analog you create a control icon for digital input, digital output or analog input. For analog inputs you specify the sample interval and scaling. After that digital and analog inputs can be used in events just like any other control to trigger any action. Digital outputs can be the target of any timer or event to turn them on or off.

IR output is handled thru Quick IR (from the Quick menu), timers or events. Quick IR gives a way to “manually” click on IR signal names and have the IR transmitted right then. With timers and events you can set up a script of IR commands to be sent when the timer or event is activated.

IR input will be available with the HomeVision version and works much like digital input. You assign a control icon to the IR input signal and then use it in events to trigger any action.

HomAtion has many other handy features including the best set of log files I’ve seen and a Quick menu that allows you to set light levels, page a friend (uses computer modem to send signal to a pager), or use an IR Remote control to send commands to your Home Theater. This is a very full featured software package and can be used for whole house control with the appropriate powerline modem installed. You must leave the computer on at all times to maintain control however.

HomAtion Basic – $139.95 including the CM11A
HomAtion 2000 – $295.00 (not including the power line interface)

Right now HomAtion Systems is running a special — a free RCS TX-10B thermostat with HomAtion 2000.