Tell us about Comprehensive Cable and Connectivity.


Comprehensive Cable & Connectivity is the leading brand of Connectivity in the Pro AV and I.T. markets. Comprehensive primarily serves commercial and residential systems integrators as well as the entire B2B market including corporate, education and government. Our legendary reliability, value and unique solutions have also become popular with consumers as well. Comprehensive products are used in server rooms, board rooms, classrooms, studios and stages around the world and have been since 1974.     

Happy 40th Anniversary. I see Comprehensive recently released an entire family of ProAV/IT High Speed HDMI Cables billed as “HDMI Re-Defined for Professional Use”. What are some of the unique, exclusive features that make them so different?

Thank you very much. Comprehensive Pro AV/IT HDMI cables are the only HDMI cables specifically designed for systems integrators and B2B applications.

Exclusive features include ProGrip® Connector Technology which keeps the connector from slipping out, SureLength® Indicators which simply but usefully indicate the length of the cable right on the connector head which is invaluable for integrators. They also come in up to 7 colors for easy cable identification. And what really sets them apart is these features are on true commercial grade, state-of- the-art performance HDMI cables specifically engineered for the best picture available today and the demanding environments of integrators and B2B.         

And there are several different versions of these HDMI cables correct?

Yes, there is an entire family of Pro AV/IT HDMI solutions including the heavy duty 26/24 gauge version for day to day use, MicroFlex which is 40% smaller than traditional cables with an amazing bend radius, making them perfect for tight spaces. A Plenum CL2P version as well as an Active version featuring Redmere® Technology which sends Full HD beyond 50ft. All covered by our Lifetime Warranty.     

It sounds like this family of HDMI cables really covers all the bases for professional applications. What has been the reaction by ProAV Systems Integrators and B2B customers and are they available for consumers?

The reaction has been unbelievable because our Pro AV/IT family of cables are so unique and are the only cable in the market that meet the needs of professionals. And yes, the main version of these cables are available to consumers through professional resellers like B&H Photo,, New and other partners. We also have a full line of standard HDMI cables with low price points for consumers as they often just need a good cable that works without all the additional features and functionality.     

You are obviously in the Cabling business, but wireless is making huge strides for many AV applications including home theaters.  Have you had to change or evolve your company and products to adapt with these changes and technologies?  Has this hurt your business or opened new opportunities?

Good question. Ever changing technology comes with the territory in this business and it has been that way since we stated back in 1974. At that time the Betamax was king and the VCR has not yet been invented so Comprehensive has and continues to evolve to meet our customers changing needs. Digital and wireless along with 4K, HDBaseT, Video over IP networks, mobile, streaming, collaboration are all huge opportunities for us and we have many new products in the pipeline in those technologies and many already in the line right now.     

In addition to the successful ProAV/IT Series HDMI Cables, what other product areas does Comprehensive specialize in?

Comprehensive specializes in digital connectivity for Pro AV and I.T. professionals which includes HDBaseT, 4K products, USB, DisplayPort, DVI, cable assemblies, splitters, extenders, signal converters, network devices, adapters and so much more than I could ever list. OEM products, custom kits, stock programs are also some examples of the value-added services we provide our customers.      

Where are Comprehensive Cable products available?  Do you have to be an AV pro or are they available online or in retailers?

Comprehensive products are available from select professional online retailers such as B&H photo,, as well as distributors such as Ingram Micro and Anixter to name a few. You can also visit us directly at our website  



About Comprehensive Cable
Comprehensive began in 1974 as a simple idea. With all the new audio-visual technology entering our lives, someone needed to provide a Comprehensive set of connectivity and accessory solutions necessary to use them. Comprehensive was instrumental in not just offering solutions, but assisting the industries original resellers on how to sell and use them. Before long, Comprehensive was the leading brand of connectivity solutions in the still up and coming audio-visual industry.

Almost 40 years and millions of satisfied customer’s later, Comprehensive remains the industry standard for value, reliability and performance. That’s why I.T. and audio visual professionals around the world have trusted Comprehensive to provide the backbone of their multi-million dollar computer networks, digital signage systems, interactive boardrooms, broadcast studios, multimedia classrooms, event stages and other critical applications. With the growth of home theater, many home users have now learned about “connectivity’s best kept secret” and are also choosing Comprehensive to get the same premium quality and value the pro’s have enjoyed for years right at home.