The wireless application allows the install to be cable free, highly reliable, and gives ultimate mobility for the teacher during presentations, lectures, and even lesson plans. This allows the teacher to work more closely with the students, and does not force the teacher to be immobilized in one spot of the room away from the students.

Darien High School has educated and mentored the children of Darien since 1927! It has established itself for over 80 years at providing high quality education for its student. As technology as advances, Darien High School has adapted with it to offer new ways to help the students succeed. In 2004-05, Darien Community teamed up with the Board of Education and made huge advancements in providing their teachers and students with new tools to educate and learn with. This advancement in technology has allowed for more effective lesson planning and presentations/lectures by the teachers. It has given the students more of an avenue to interact and engage in the lesson plan. With these changes made by the Darien Community and Board of Education, The end result has been more than positive for both the community and school.

Joe DiLeonardo is the head System Engineer for Darien High School. In the past, Darien High School used remote management software to display the tablets/PC using a “middle man” computer that would then connect to the projector. The problem occurred when the teacher would write on the tablet; there would be a huge delay from Tablet to projector. According to Joe Dileonardo, the delay was due to the remote control software.

ATLONA’s high quality and innovated products gave Mr. Dileonardo, and Darien High School the solution they needed for their application. Mr. Dileonardo decided to implement the AT-HDAiR. The Atlona’s AT-HDAiR is designed to connect any Window/Mac Based computer to either your HDTV or Computer Monitor wirelessly though VGA or HDMI Connections. The HDAiR allows users in this case; Teachers, to extend high resolution content up to 30ft away at a 720p video signal or 1400×1050. The audio is embedded on the HDMI, and it also can pass the audio through a 1/8″ mini stereo jack.

This device will allow the teachers to connect their tablets wirelessly, easily and conveniently extend/Mirror their Tablet/PC from 30 feet away! This immediately helped eliminate the remote control software delay issue. With a long line of award wining accommodations such as CEPro BEST award, 2009 Excite Excellence in Custom Installation award, and the AudioHolics 2009 CE award for the wireless TV category it was the perfect and reliable solution!

ATLONA Models Used:

The Atlona AT-HDAiR is designed to connect any Windows/MAC Based computer to either your HDTV or Computer Monitor wirelessly though VGA or HDMI Connections. The HDAiR is based on a powerful UWB technology, allowing users to extend high resolution content up to 30ft @720p or 1440×1050.

With the experience and intelligence behind Mr. Dileonardo, The install of the AT-HDAiR’s for their classrooms in Darien High School allowed the teachers to have more reliable presentation tools, and relived the stress that was being caused by the older system. It has proven to be more than successful, and the students have benefited the most out of it. With a more interactive learning environment, the children have been consistently more engage in the learning curriculum. As many Schools implement this technology, Darien High School is already a step ahead of the game thanks to Mr. Dileonardo, and ATLONA Technology.

Mr. Dileonardo quoted:
“The BEST thing about the AT-HDAiR is that there is no delay between writing on the tablet and then showing it on the projection. It acts as if the tablet PC is hardwired to the projector, which is exactly what we were looking for!”