* Designs were hand-drawn and very time consuming
* Method for creating quality Schematics
* More efficient tracking
* Decrease Costs per project

Based out of Vancouver, BC Canada, Haave Audio Video Systems is a full service system integration company providing design, products and installation, servicing the custom home and the commercial markets.

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Best Practices:

* Reduced costs per year
* Developed more professional full color Proposals
* Increased revenue
* Increased Customer Satisfaction

Ian Haave of Haave Audio Video Systems attended CES 2002, looking to find a product that would help them manage their proposal schematics and drawings. They were operating on a combination of Microsoft Word and Excel at the time. Ian Haave, Owner and Founder of Haave Audio Video Systems, explained, “With our old Excel and Word method, we had to re-invent the wheel with each and every project, so we were looking for an industry-specific program to help us streamline that process.” Upon Haave’s visit to CES 2002, he had never heard of D-Tools, but he eventually found himself at the D-Tools booth and after watching the presentation, he quickly adopted D-Tools software into his business.

“First and foremost, my job is sales, because it’s what drives the company towards growth, and D-Tools software is the tool that helps us maintain all aspects of a job in order to finish on time and to our client’s satisfaction – all of which makes my job easier,” said Haave. D-Tools has allowed Haave to show customers what their projects will look like every step of the way on paper, so they know exactly what to expect. “Nearly all of our customers comment on how professional our proposals are and how well organized we look. They really appreciate the time we put into their projects from the very beginning,” said Haave.

D-Tools also allows Haave Audio Video Systems to break up the documentation and turn it into working materials. “What makes D-Tools so powerful is the fact that we are now able to take a project and break it down even further to specific project orders, enabling our installers to work on a particular phase or aspect of a job, and this allows them to focus on one thing at a time,” said Haave.

Although Haave Audio Video Systems is highly skilled and a specialist in their industry, Haave explained that he cannot imagine accomplishing the size of jobs his company executes with out the help of D-Tools. “Most of our jobs range from $250,000 to $500,000 and a contributing factor to that is how D-Tools helps us present ourselves. Our professional proposals reinforce that we understand our business and that reassures our customers that they will be pleased with the final outcome of their project, so we seldom lose bids due to cost,” said Haave.


Haave Audio Video Systems has experienced an increase in revenue by as much as 45% compared to prior the adoption of D-Tools throughout the company. D-Tools has also reduced costs by 20% in part because all items are accounted for from the start of a project, resulting in a decrease in missing and incorrectly ordered products. D-Tools SI has allowed them to create more professional-looking proposals quicker, and with the ability to change and edit swiftly, which increases efficiency and results in improved customer satisfaction.

In 2002, Haave recalled a particular job for his customer, Mrs. Eker. He used Excel and Word for a $35,000 distributed audio project. Although she was pleased with the outcome, in 2007, she decided to upgrade the same house with lighting control and an addition of a media room including upgraded distributed audio and a full turnkey theatre including seating, racks, and drapes. Ian Haave put the proposal together in D-Tools and with all of the desired upgrades, the job now totaled $450,000. After Haave Audio Video Systems completed the job, and Mrs. Eker saw her new Media Room and upgrades, she cried tears of joy because everything exceeded what she had imagined.

Haave Audio Video Systems is building credibility and customer loyalty due to industry knowledge, dedication and expertise. D-Tools has helped support this strong foundation and taken Haave Audio Video Systems’ business to a higher level. “We are able to confidently present our proposal, knowing it’s designed properly with D-Tools and understanding our industry and costs, so we can explain every aspect of the job to our customer, easing any apprehension, and winning the job hands down,” said Haave.

“Having D-Tools as a foundation for our business has made us a stronger company and has helped us stand out from the competition.”