Germany’s largest consumer electronics retailer was eager for a new solution that would bring the power of the Internet into the store to enhance the shopping experience.  But, the retailer’s requirements for a new solution were stringent and the company’s internal teams needed new ideas.

Enter Storecast, a leading point-of-sale, marketing and content provider for retailers throughout Europe, offering shoppers an unparalleled, individualized interactive product experience.  Storecast’s CEO, Florian Schulze, met Touch Revolution at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. Touch Revolution’s TRÅ«™ Touch Monitor fit the customer interaction objectives outlined by his retailer customer. 

“The Touch Revolution team immediately understood the retailer’s needs and made it clear they could meet the very tight deadlines given to Storecast,” said Mr. Schulze.  “We believed their projected capacitive touch technology would fit the retailer’s customer experience requirements.”

“The TRÅ« line was an ideal fit for the consumer electronics retailer’s plans to provide an innovative new shopping experienced that embraced touch technology in creative ways,” said Gene Halsey, Touch Revolution’s TRÅ« Product Director.  “When executed properly, touch technology is proven to generate sales uplift, encourage the shopper to explore more products and enhance customer loyalty, all critical needs in today’s hyper-competitive retail environments.”

Storecast ordered thousands of  TRÅ« 19” monitors and installed approximately 1,700 by November 2011, just four months after finalizing the design and contract.  “Touch Revolution’s team always met their deadlines in the supply chain, tech support was outstanding, and they participated on calls at all hours with our technology teams in Europe.   In addition, there were zero hardware failures and the quality of components was second to none,” added Mr. Schulze.

Today, each of the retailer’s approximately 240 stores has at least one kiosk with a TRÅ« monitor, and some have as many as 15, depending on the store footprint.

Going forward, “I would definitely plan to include Touch Revolution’s products and service teams in future Storecast projects,” added Neil Hutchinson, Operations Director for Storecast in the U.K.  “The products and innovation are very high quality and the Touch Revolution team provides outstanding service.”


  • 19” TRÅ« multi-touch display with high-quality performance
  • Smooth, responsive projected capacitive touch experience
  • Responsive engineering team able to adapt off-the-shelf products
  • Very rapid turnaround from design to prototype to volume shipping