Many people use their garages for more than just cars. Some people store so much junk they can’t even fit their cars in and others have the kids using it as an entry into the house. Bottom line … your overhead door gets a lot of use and you are never assured at night that the garage door is closed unless you have a view of the door from a window or you walk around and check. This can be a security problem not only for all the great stuff you have lying around but it is also a possible entry point for burglars if the garage is attached to the house. The garage door sentry is designed to solve this problem.

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The system was very easy to set up. Just put the lithium battery (supplied) into the small sensor/transmitter and attach to the top inside panel of your overhead garage door(s) via double sided tape. Then just plug the receiver into an AC outlet in a convenient location such as a hallway. If you have a spare remote for your door you can even put this by the receiver to close the door without having to yell at the kids if you discover that it was left open.

The learning receiver remembers the codes for up to 4 sensor/transmitters (one sensor/transmitter is included, extra units purchased separately). Just pushing a button on the receiver and then activate the sensor/transmitter by changing its angle … the receiver will beep and you are all set to go. You could also have multiple receivers in different locations in the house.

The Receiver lights a green LED when the door is closed and a red one flashes when the door is open. It also gives off a little chirp when the door is opened or closed. There didn’t seem to be a problem with interference from other devices and the system worked with the two devices (receiver and transmitter) 100 feet away from each other through the walls of the house. There is an optional long range antenna, if your garage is in the back of a very big property or you’re your name is Bill Gates.

This device could give you some peace of mind by telling you that the garage door is closed at night. As we all know … other family members are always the ones who leave it open. If you have to go outside to check every night the garage door sentry (at the reasonable price of $79.00) could be the solution.