Some of the “green” gadgets introduced include:

52″ LED LCD TV by Sharp
The LE700 series of Full Array LED LCD-TVs has the lowest power consumption of any LCD TV on the market in each of its screen size classes. Sharp’s proprietary method of Full Array LED consumes less power than Edge-lit LED models because it was designed using a much shorter light path. The Optical Picture Control (OPC) feature automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient room brightness, saving energy.

Viking Electronics – Free Catalog LG SL90 LCD TV
The SL90 is energy efficient, meeting the Energy Star 3.0 guidelines and includes LG’s exclusive “Smart Energy Savings” technology to further reduce energy consumption. Features LG’s core technology, Picture Wizard and Intelligent Senor are other features that help keep down energy consumption. Intelligent Senor automatically senses the ambient light in the room and adjusts color and brightness accordingly and can also save energy.

Picowatt by Tenrehte Technologies
Picowatt allows individuals to set up a home energy monitoring themselves. The smart plugs, which fit over existing outlets, are essentially mini Wi-Fi routers running Linux, each capable of gathering data and controlling devices. People can view data, such as historical energy usage, from a Wi-Fi-enabled PC or through a Facebook application that can be operated from a smart phone.

Samsung Reclaim Wireless Phone
The Samsung Reclaim the first phone in the U.S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials. Made from 80 percent recyclable materials, the Reclaim is a feature-rich messaging phone that offers environmentally conscious customers a perfect blend of responsibility without sacrificing the latest in network speeds and must-have features.

Casio Projector
Casio introduced the first set of mercury free projectors at CES. The lamp-free, mercury-free projector is 1.7 inches thick and uses a combination of laser and LED light for a consistent brightness and color, less than 20% brightness loss in over 20,000 hours (mercury lamps have 50% brightness loss in 2,000 hours).

Control 4 Home Energy Management System
The system empowers consumers with information to make energy management decisions and is simple to use. User-friendly touch screen allows consumers to see historical and projected bill information, program your thermostat, turn devices on and off, compare your energy use to neighbors, and access weather, clock, digital photos, and traffic updates.

ReNu Panel
ReNu personal power generation and storage system combines efficient light power with a whole family of ReNu personal electronics or an Apple iPhone. Match a charged ReNu panel to any Regen component and the sun’s energy will power the personal electronics you use everyday. ReNu can also provide energy for a range of devices powered via Universal Serial Bus (USB) including an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iGo Power Smart Tower
This intelligent, tower-style surge protector features four outlets with iGo Green Technology that reduce energy consumption, four “always on” outlets for devices requiring continuous power and two USB ports to conveniently charge mobile devices. The iGo Green Technology products detect when a device is not in use and shut off power drawn from the wall–automatically. This eliminates the wasted energy that is drawn by devices and chargers, even when they are not in use.

VAIO W Series Mini Notebook
The VAIO W® Series eco-friendly mini notebook features a reprocessed plastic chassis comprised of approximately 20 percent recycled CDs. It also comes in a stylish reusable carrying-case made from recycled PET bottles—no wasted cardboard packaging.

YoGen Universal Mobile Charger
The YoGen uses a patented alternator technology and innovative pull and release mechanism to instantly generate power for a variety of mobile devices.

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