The cutting edge is found in digital quality, attractive design, simple installation and ease of operation for the end user.


Even though the economy has been sputtering along for an extended period of time, consumer demand for distributed audio systems designed for the home has reached an all time high. Also, the array of sound output choices is an ever growing menu of possibilities including traditional radio and television, CD and MP3 players, web-based audio, satellite radio and cable feeds as well as basics such as intercom, doorbell, telephone and baby monitoring.

The expanding and more complex list of sound output devices means distributed audio technology needs to be ahead of the curve to handle current and future generations of output devices. This is where the distributed audio buyer needs to be aware of recent advancements in system architecture, attractive styling, and ease-of-use features. Consumers and integrators should know that there is a wide range of multi-point home audio distribution systems on the market and an equally broad array of technology.

The technology bar was raised significantly with the recent introduction of Oxmoor Corporation’s fully-digital ZON whole house audio system. With the advent of ZON Audio, multi-point home audio distribution systems finally have an all-digital option.

Digital Quality

ZON Audio is the industry’s first true digital-to-digital system utilizing a 24-bit digital audio path for distributing source material throughout a home’s sound landscape. A powerful amplifier in each ZON audio controller delivers super-efficient, full bandwidth digital sound for an audiophile-quality performance in all locations throughout the system. ZON provides digital audio inputs (optical and coax) for today’s most advanced audio sources, as well as 24-bit digital conversion for older equipment’s analog signals.

Whole House Audio: An Industry in Transition

The distributed audio industry as a whole is in transition. Some companies continue to provide products that are built with standard analog technology to address specific markets. Other companies are focused on updating existing technology to meet today’s demands for flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance and greater sound quality. Meanwhile, Oxmoor has taken the lead on the digital frontier.
Consumers are demanding multi-point audio distribution systems that, in addition to being functional and easy of use, are attractive in design and complementary to even the most opulently decorated homes. ZON Audio addresses this issue with components that can be matched to any paint or wallpaper design or to the exact specifications of an interior decorator, including real wood finishes.
Consumers have also requested more convenient control and digital provides the basis for innovative and attractive solutions. For example, the status screen on the ZON Audio Controller features a high-resolution integrated dot matrix display that provides a highly legible readout and dims to be unobtrusive when not in use. The display features an easy to understand Graphical User Interface that allows the consumer to create realistic names (“Joey’s Bedroom” or “Kitchen”) for each zone. And the intuitive multi-function jog wheel makes navigating the ZON menus easy.

For Integrators — ZON Audio is the Future

In light of today’s structured wiring designs in residential real estate, Oxmoor’s ZON whole house audio system is one of the first to be fully compatible with a wide array of organized wiring systems. Interconnectivity between listening zones, source inputs and the system’s head end is accomplished by using commonly available CAT-5e or CAT-6 cable.
The ZON ZR-98 Router neatly installs in many organized wiring distribution devices, making for a clean and straightforward installation. Loudspeakers connect locally to each listening zone’s ZAC-60 audio controller/amplifier, eliminating the need to home run loudspeaker pairs to a central amplification point.
If desired, the ZR-98 can be connected to a home Ethernet gateway with ZON’s optional communications module, to allow installation setup and control via a local computer or remotely via the internet.

ZON Audio — Stepping into the Future

ZON is an innovative product family that is engineered from the ground up on modern digital technology. This fresh approach provides the installer with the benefit of improved productivity and profitability with increased market penetration and customer satisfaction.
Oxmoor Corporation, which developed ZON Audio, is internationally known for innovative high performance professional audio products. Oxmoor invented the industry’s first digital remote volume control and was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters. Oxmoor products are found in hotels, theme parks, IMAX theaters and other specialty venues worldwide.
ZON Whole House Audio products are engineered to take advantage of the features of today’s dizzying array of consumer electronics hardware and are designed to integrate with today’s organized wiring designs.
ZON demonstrates that both audio quality and overall system usability can be attainable at competitive prices. ZON is 100% digital from source to the point of delivery and is a highly-engineered product that utilizes the latest in technological advancements to deliver a system that is easy to install and meets the demands of the most discriminating end-user.


The future of multi point audio distribution systems is digital. Analog systems will eventually fade from the landscape as products such as ZON Audio come along that make installation and operation simple while providing a platform that will accommodate today’s leading edge audio output devices and those of the future that may not even exist at present. End-users demand a simple to operate system that will be reliable and offer a lifetime of enjoyment?ZON Audio is a leading-edge product that meets that demand.