GDS (Global Display Solutions Inc) is a premier manufacturer of ruggedized, commercial-grade displays, capable of performing well in harsh environments.

KanexPro carries a broad line of A/V connectivity products that enables users to broadcast, extend, split, or multiply HD signal transmissions simply and cost-effectively.

A Fortune 500 company approached GDS to help them upgrade to a new digital signage application for their drive-thru stores nationwide.


The project was to create a rugged, heat–resistant solution to extend digital A/V media reliably using HDBaseT™ technology from a computer located inside the proprietor’s venue to an interactive display located outside the venue in the drive-thru lane bearing variant temperatures.

An HDCP compliant extender was needed that can run up to 100 meters (330 feet) over cat6 based on HDBaseT technology delivering crystal clear audio and video to the GDS display located at the drive-thru store.

In order to tackle this project efficiently and economically, GDS researched, explored and tested a variety of HDBaseT video extenders from different manufacturers that can withstand thermal environments such as extreme cold, heat and humidity. They encountered mixed and disappointing results when testing many off-market extenders. The receiver side of the extender failed several times in thermal testing and on multiple test runs a re-connect or dis-connect for both video and power would occur. They learned quickly that not all HD extenders are created equal.

“These displays are interactive, so reliable connectivity is very important. The solution also relies heavily on the Video & Ethernet portion for communication for relaying the health and wellbeing of the display.” -GUS ROTHMALER, PRODUCT MANAGER AT GDS

“A drive-thru restaurant cannot afford failures, disconnects, or time latencies, as that would mean loss of business and revenue. HDBaseT technology brings the versatility and simplicity demanded by such an application, guaranteeing the performance necessary under any condition. HDBaseT technology is ideal for a variety of applications, as catered by companies such as KanexPro.” – MICHA RISLING, MARKETING CHAIR OF HDBASET ALLIANCE


After passing vigorous tests, GDS chose the KanexPro HDBASE100ME extender and recommended it to the end customer for their final install to their drive-thru stores.

The KanexPro HDBaseT Extender is a transmitter /receiver set that enables you to route ultra high definition signals up to 330 feet (100 meters). It features two Ethernet ports on both units to connect standard network devices, such as 100Base-T routers, switches and hubs for LAN access. It also features bi-directional RS-232 protocol for controlling all your sources to sink. The transmitter and receiver sets are built into a sturdy metal enclosure with locking power supplies and HDMI connectors that protect the unit from disengagement or signal loss.

“The KanexPro HDBASE100ME Extender is a high quality, robust device, tested and proven for durability in all extremes. Recommended for use wherever an HDMI™ over CAT6 extender is needed,” said Rothmaler.

The KanexPro extender was put to the test for an entire week. It was subjected to temperatures ranging from 69°C to -20° C for 8 hours a day. Amazingly, it was still operational at -20 C. GDS found that the KanexPro HDBASE100ME was able to withstand extreme temperatures for outdoors as well as indoors.

“The KanexPro HDBASE100ME extender was the only one which met our rigorous standards and provided a level of quality that our customer expected. It was easy to show the customer why this was the best solution for their project.” ROBERT HEISE – EVP/GENERAL MANAGER OF GDS INC


The end customer and GDS were able to get the best video extender in the market, which could withhold these extreme temperatures and yet function without any interruptions. GDS Components were carefully selected with HDBASE100ME supporting superior audio, video and Ethernet connectivity.

“The KanexPro HDBASE100ME extender was the only one which met our rigorous standards and provided a level of quality that our customer expected. It was easy to show the customer why this was the best solution for their project,” said – EVP/ General Manager of GDS Inc.

About KanexPro
Leveraging our core strength in professional A/V products, KanexPro carries a complete selection of A/V connectivity needs. When planning digital installations you will find that we carry a broad line of A/V connectivity products enabling you to broadcast, extend, split, or multiply HD signal transmissions; simply and cost-effectively.

With a complete assortment of A/V connectivity products, our product line includes HDMI matrix and VGA matrix switchers, HDMI and DVI extender solutions, HDMI splitters and amplifier solutions. In addition to the KanexPro Signal Division Products we offer a complete selection of High-resolution HDMI cables and adapters enabling flexible A/V choices.

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