Smart technology is becoming the one of the fastest growing markets in business today. With more families adding smart assistants to their homes, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, now anything we want to know is just a quick question away. Even Apple is getting in on the game with their brand new offering, the Home Pod.

And smart assistants aren’t the only thing that can make your home life more convenient. There are a variety of products that can bring the Internet of Things into your house to create a home of the future. Here are just 5 smart upgrades we recommend.

  1. Smart Thermostat. Most couples understand the thermostat wars that can make or break a relationship. With a smart thermostat you can establish settings that will work for everyone. If it’s connect to a smart speaker like Google Home, you can simply ask it to turn the temperature up or down for minor adjustments. By using a smart thermostat, you can save money on your bills by letting it know when you’re not home so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

  2. Smart Smoke Detector. Some smart technology isn’t just about saving money, it can also save lives. A smart smoke detector is one such item. By installing one, you may be able to save money on your insurance premiums, but you also install peace of mind for your family. You’ll never take the batteries out of a smart smoke detector to stop the incessant beeping. And you can even get alerts sent to your phone if anything happens while you’re not home.

  3. Smart Sprinkler Controller. Irrigation systems keep lawns green and lush, but they can also waste precious water if they’re not properly controlled. We’ve all walked by a home or business with sprinklers on in the rain and wondered what’s going on. A smart sprinkler controller can bring this kind of technology to your irrigation system. It will help save you money and conserve water, especially in areas experiencing drought. There are several to choose from depending on your needs.

  4. Smart lights. Walking into your dark home at night with your hands full can a hazard. Most of the time things are fine, but one stubbed toe or stepped-on-dog is enough to ruin your day. Imagine opening your front door and commanding your smart device to turn on the lights for you? By pairing your Google Home or Amazon Echo with plug adaptors, a simple command can shed light on any subject.

  5. Smart door locks. Many people have this experience with their cars already. Some newer cars don’t use physical keys at all any more. Your home can have the same functionality with a smart door lock. Not only does this mean you don’t have to fumble for your keys when you get home, but some systems are programmable to allow for chosen guests or family to enter your home without worrying about hiding that key under a fake rock.

Of course, it won’t be long before smart home devices are a part of your most intimate areas, and there are already several products that arguably cross the line. But maybe sticking to the less privacy-invading options to start with will be better for most beginners.