The modern home is a center of technology use. As home entertainment centers and home offices become more advanced technology is further integrated into our daily lives. DVD players, laptops and internet access have all become a staple in the home. The extensive use of technology in the home has now progressed to the point of requiring Wi-Fi technology. With bundles of wires and packs of plugs, wireless solutions are more efficient not only for saving on costs but for saving time and energy as well.

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Compex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Wireless Networking technology, is dedicated to developing the best wireless products available with the highest standards of stability and reliability. Partnering up with wireless networking solution providers nationwide, Compex has proudly supplied the company’s award-winning wireless products to the SOHO community on an international scale.

Aware of the vulnerability of consumers growing online purchases, Compex has outfitted its wireless technology with tight security measures. Privacy is something everyone needs to be concerned about, with identity theft labeled the number one crime in America, preventative measures should be taken. The unique Wireless Pseudo VLAN feature is the key feature that defeats the potential of privacy threat. Pseudo VLAN enables users to be isolated in a wireless network. Compex unique Pseudo VLAN is implemented in all of Compex’s Wireless Routers and Access Points. This technology allows users to create a VLAN in a wireless environment. If there ever is a case of a WEP security breach on your wireless network, and Pseudo VLAN is being utilized, no portion of the network would be compromised except for the particular VLAN that was breached.

Pseudo VLAN can be implemented in one of two modes, Group or Per-Node. In Group node, users can be assigned to a VLAN group based on the MAC address of their PC laptops or PDAs. Each VLAN group is capable of accepting 10 members. Users have access rights only within the specific VLAN group(s) they are assigned. PCs in one VLAN group cannot see or communicate with users in a separate VLAN group. This is perfect for families who would like to make certain files private from children, for example. Families are able to control users’ access to different files and information so that it is easy for parents to keep work or other types of files private from children. In Per-Node mode, users are automatically assigned to individual wireless VLANs as they log onto the network. Users can then freely access shared network resources and also surf the Internet anonymously. And, with WEP enabled, clients not only can reap the benefits of privacy that Pseudo VLAN offers, but also benefit from industry standard encryption security.

NetPassage 26G USB is especially desirable for family set ups as it is the first G router with web cam capability. This feature can benefit households by enabling them to set up live streaming video as a surveillance measure or even to communicate with family to perhaps see a new born baby! The possibilities are endless. NP26G USB can also perform as a wireless print server which is very beneficial to families. With children doing homework on one computer and parents working on another computer, it is quite a hassle to connect all the computers to the single printer. However, with NP26G USB print commands can be sent wirelessly so printing from different computers is quick and easy. Wireless technology raises quality of life. All these Compex products are equipped with the Compex exclusive Pseudo VLAN capability. More information about the exclusive Pseudo VLAN capability can be found on and

Compex is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge manufacturer developing the latest in wireless technology. Compex prides itself in providing total wireless solutions to meet customers’ needs. If a solution provider or Wireless ISP requires special customization, normally due to a client specification or a special project, Compex can fully meet that particular request. Compex’s specialized team of Engineers in Singapore is dedicated to working with our partners to reach their desired goals and requirements.