Can you tell us a little bit about the Fibar Group? How is it possible that a small start-up in just four years became such a big player in home automation market?

We started our research and development in a garage as a small start-up in 2010. The challenge was to create an intuitive, user-friendly home automation solution that offered control of all electrical devices in your house. This kind of home management system did not exist at that time and it was our motivating force. In 2011 we produced our first round of Fibaro products: on/off modules, roller shutter, universal dimmer and Home Center 1. Since then we have sold over 20,000 Home Centers, hired over 250 people and have been honored with more than 100 awards worldwide. Fibaro now has a distribution network that covers 80 countries around the world. Numbers tell everything and we believe it’s just a beginning.


We heard that you entered to U.S. market. Tell us something more about your plan of development here?

We started shipping to the U.S. this month. Products available in our U.S. department include: Door/Window Sensors, Flood Sensors (IF Design Award 2014 winner) and RGBW Micro Controllers. Within 30 days two other products will be available: Home Center 2 (HC2) and Motion Sensor (Cedia 2014 nomination). We are also preparing to The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, JANUARY 6-9, 2015 because our Motion Sensor was selected as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Smart Home Product category. We are looking forward to the challenge and strongly believe FIBARO offers one of the most complete wireless home automation solutions on the market today.   We are cooperating with U.S. bloggers and journalists whose help will be invaluable in our first steps on U.S market.

What is FIBARO? Tell us about the system. What are benefits of using this system for end user?

FIBARO is an intuitive, affordable and easy to use smart home system, which can control 95% of home devices. It can be easily managed by saying a few simple words with our remote voice control called Lili and/or by using our native app for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.  It can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different homeowners and allows the end user to save time and money. It identifies threats within seconds, warns you of the danger and activates all of the pre-programmed alarm scenes preventing a tragedy from ever happening.  FIBARO can be installed without any additional cables or changes to the structure of your building. New modules can be added in just a few minutes with a few simple taps. Our tiny and reliable devices enrich the look of your home with their unique, organic design.  The Fibaro System helps elderly and disabled people to live dignified life on their own. Thanks to remote voice control, all home devices, lighting, shutters, windows and door locks can be easily managed by a few simple words.

What products are the most popular among your clients?

Fibaro’s most popular products are the plug-n-play type sensors – Flood Sensor and Motion Sensor.  Our customers really appreciate their beautiful design, miniature size and multiple functionalities.  The Motion Sensor, our most recent release, is the smallest Z-Wave device of its kind in the world.  Besides detecting motion, the gadget measures the temperature, light intensity and has an accelerometer built-in to detect any attempt of tampering and help alert you of earthquakes. The Flood Sensor is battery powered or hardwired and comes fully equipped with water sensor, temperature sensor and tamper sensor.  Both of these devices have built-in Z-Wave network range testers which allows you to see if the device is communicating directly with the controller, through a repeater or is out of range.

What is in your opinion gives your company an advantage over other companies?

Our key competences: unique and organic design that is inspired by nature, User Interface and speed of our controllers.  Fibaro products have been recognized all over the world and have received numerous design awards.  Other key qualities of our products include plug-n-play non-invasive installation, modularity and miniature sizes which are the smallest in the world. All of this at an affordable price is going to be hard to beat.


Are there any new products that you are currently working on?

Yes, we are working now on several new products such as:

US Wall Plug – a remote controlled, compact, plug-n-play, advanced outlet adapter that allows you to manage two devices and monitor their energy consumption, has two additional USB charging ports and it can rotate 90 degrees to make it a vertical.

Player – a wireless speaker, which enables you to play your favorite digital music collection and will follow you from room to room with no wires needed!

Button – a compact, battery powered device that allows you to run pre-defined scenes anywhere in your home!

Intercom – allows you to identify visitor and have a conversation with them from anywhere in the world. This is a game changer that includes 180 degrees camera, built-in directional microphones and display, facial and voice recognition and small thin design.



More information about our products can be found on our website fibaro.comFollow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.



About Fibar Group
Fibar Group is only 4 years on the smart home market but it has so many achievements: more than 50 pioneering devices, 120 registered designs, tens most important world awards, 80 countries covered with FIBARO distribution and 600 percent of profits increase.

Fibar Group was created as a R&D start-up by Maciej Fiedler in 2010. In the following year, company started to create distribution network in Poland and other world markets. Since 2012 sale points has been launched in such countries as Sweden, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Slovenia. FIBARO system is available even Singapore or China.