The Challenge

eNeo Labs´ vision of a complete solution for connected homes had to not only bring the Web to the homes, but also the home to the Web. This meant that houses were supposed to be able to communicate with different Internet service providers, while at the same time, the user can integrate and combine any home device independent of its manufacturer via a Web interface. These prerequisites engendered a scenario which had to cover everything from the services to the necessary hardware platform. Delivering any kind of service to any kind of device also meant that different standards and future developments had to be taken into account. So the key to a successful realization of this project lay in finding an ideal perfect software provider offering an open, standards-based, and future-proof solution.

Lutron Electronics

The Solution

After evaluating the market for Smart Home products, eNeo Labs instantly decided to work with the market leader in OSGi technology: ProSyst Software AG. eNeo Labs´ Residential Gateway “IPbox” now includes the Smart Home Edition of ProSyst´s mBedded Server, a high-performance, open and modular software platform. It comes along with many ready-to-use service packages and development tools – such as Bluetooth, EIB, LON, Security, and WAP packages – ensuring that all standards related to home connectivity and interoperability are integrated in the solution. Thanks to ProSyst´s products, the ready-to-use SiempreEnCasa solution is now platform-independent, scalable, modular, secure, customizable, and extensible.

For an end-to-end service delivery solution, ProSyst’s Smart Home Suite additionally includes an mGUI Library, a Java Graphical User Interface library for embedded devices, the Java-based mBrowser, and mPower Remote Manager. The latter enables remote administration and management, the seamless delivery of services, as well as the exchange of data between service gateways, manufacturers, network operators and external service providers

A Complete Smart Home Solution

The products of eNeo Labs revolve around the Utility Media Center (UMC), which provides the services to the home owner. It consists of a hardware platform (IPbox), middleware (eNeo NET), and end-to-end services aggregated in the residential portal SiempreEnCasa (Always at Home). The interaction with the user is exclusively enabled via Web interfaces in TVs, PCs, PDAs or any other mobile devices.

The eNeo IPbox

The IPbox is the core of the eNeo Connected Home. It is a residential gateway that is installed in the user’s home. The functionality of the gateway is two-fold: Firstly, it establishes a broadband connection for external communication with the Internet and service providers. Secondly, it is directly connected to the Home Area Network (HAN) and helps to control the end devices.

The purpose of the IPbox is to provide a programmable system in order to offer advanced services to the home through a residential portal, which the user can access by means of a Web interface. The IPbox includes ProSyst´s Smart Home Suite, which provides home appliance manufacturers and service providers with a reliable and platform-independent solution that focuses on the key requirements for building a networked smart home:

· remote control of home networked devices by consumers via the Internet;

· dynamic deployment and life-cycle management of viable e-services from service providers and system integrators;

· rich and intuitive interfaces enabling user interaction for communication with home networks and the external world;

· remote diagnostics and maintenance from home appliance manufacturers

The Middleware: eNeo NET

eNeo NET is a product developed by eNeo Labs that allows the management of the different devices in a connected home (e.g. automation system, alarm system, music jukebox, etc.). eNeo NET acts as the operating system or middleware of the connected home and is the basis for the development and deployment of advanced services.

The Services: SiempreEnCasa

The services integrated in this scenario are, among others: telephony, home automation, security, health care, home networking, multimedia services, and energy savings. All service packs are deployed on top of the basic Pack Casa Conectada – the Connected Home Pack. Each additional pack contains a set of services and the necessary equipment to install and run them.

Javier Zamora Ph.D., General Director, eNeo Labs: “After deciding on OSGi technology, we instantly chose ProSyst´s products and support. They not only offer the most up-to-date and ready-to-use OSGi technology, but also fully meet our needs for a future-proof and secure solution. With ProSyst´s products, support, and expertise, SiempreEnCasa can now easily and quickly provide services and is remotely controllable.”

Why ProSyst?

ProSyst’s OSGi-based products facilitate the development, deployment, and life-cycle management of the services and applications in the connected home. The focus on OSGi technology allows for a future-proof solution and the integration of any third-party appliance. In addition, the remote management possibilities and downloads of content are secure, fast, and can easily be customized. Any kind of software and data packages can be remotely delivered to the connected end devices on the fly. At the same time, error notifications or maintenance-related information can be directly transmitted from the device to the manufacturer or service provider.

eNeo Labs chose ProSyst´s products due to the following advantages:


Ready-to-use, highly stable and standardized solution

Stacks, drivers and services upgradeable on-the-fly

Broadest variety of ready-to-use components and tested platforms

Based on the latest OSGi specification

Remote management functionality

Compliance and openness to 3rd party solutions

Best support, fast professional services and active technology transfer

Oscar Ribes, Sales Director eNeo Labs: “Working together with ProSyst to create a solution that had to meet all of our needs, from remote management to service provisioning, was a real pleasure. This fruitful cooperation has just started and we are happy to have such a competent, friendly, and experienced partner.”

The Conclusion

After presenting SiempreEnCasa at the OSGi World Congress in 2003, eNeo Labs has gained widespread attention in the connected home market. Choosing ProSyst´s OSGi technology gave eNeo Labs the boost for a successful market introduction of its end-to-end solution. The first deployments of SiempreEnCasa have already been made in Spain and eNeo Labs expects a successful increase of additional product deployments in the market.

For more information and to learn more about what ProSyst can do to make your project a success, please contact ProSyst at or phone +49-221-6604-0.