Early in the previous century (it still seems odd to say that), two new “technologies” made their way into homes across the country. Electricity and indoor plumbing ushered in a new era in American home life. No more reading by flickering candlelight or mid-night dashes to the privy. These new technologies brought convenience and possibilities into our homes. Initially bought by the wealthy, “early adopter market”, over time these innovations were refined, improved and eventually became an indispensable part of every home’s basic infrastructure. Can you imagine a home today without electricity or plumbing?

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But these new systems broke and continued to require regular maintenance and repair. Each fall and spring, the plumber stops by to clean the air conditioning or furnace filters, check the fuel intake valve and ensure the system is maintaining temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Every few years the septic service comes to pump out your tank and make sure your pipes remain clean and operational. And, when the circuit breaker blows, we call the electrician to come over and get the lights back on. Can you imagine a world without electricians or plumbers?

There is another critical system that is part of the modern home’s basic infrastructure that is seldom maintained, is taken for granted or is operating at less than optimal performance. Just like a backed up septic tank, it can be a source of tremendous frustration and even embarrassment when the system fails. And just like a complex electrical system it can be confusing and beyond the ability of average users to repair.

Computers and digital appliances are as much a part of a home in the early part of this century as electricity and indoor plumbing were to our grand- parents homes.

This is not about the “home of the future” but rather the average American home today. Walk around your house and add up all the digital “devices” operating on a regular basis and you will begin to see how important digital technology has become to your daily life. Odds are your home has at least one PC, likely two, maybe three. There is an Internet connection, a printer, and maybe a wireless network. And, just like our grand parents before us, many home owners are puzzled about where to go or who to turn to for maintenance and repair of these new technologies.

Over the past several years, a new industry has emerged of independent or franchise technicians who will drive to your home or small business to help with your digital dilemma. Often called “geeks” – on wheels, on call, or by the minute – these professionals have filled an important gap in the growing demand for systems support at home. But driving to the home is a last- century service delivery model, a holdover from its ancestors, electricians and plumbers. But the very nature of digital technology enables a faster, more cost-effective delivering digital device support.

While a plumber must work with the limitations of a physical world of pipes, fixtures and (ugh) water, a Digitician® can work through secure digital Internet connection to complete his or her work without ever leaving the office.

And this model is nothing new. Consider NASA’s malfunctioning Mars rover. The space agency couldn’t cost-effectively send a technician to Mars, so they used remote technical support to get the Rover back up on its wheels; working from Houston, the NASA technicians took remote control of Rover’s computer systems, diagnosed the problem, and implemented a fix. Big businesses have used similar technology for years to maintain employee systems, whether across the country or just down the hall.

So who are Digiticians®? Founded in December 2000, The Digiticians’ 2000+ customers come from 25 states and 4 counties. Digiticians® are friendly, highly trained, expert professionals. They are knowledgeable in multiple digital systems so you can call just one service provider for help with all of your digital systems. Software installation and configuration? – no problem. Troubleshooting and repair? – done. Hardware set-up? – yup. Almost 80% of the digital dilemmas that the average user faces can be handled remotely.

Now, can you imagine a world without Digiticians®?
Digiticians are located online, naturally, at www.digiticians.com or by calling toll free 1-888-MY-DIGIT.