Built into the ground within the home, the room has a unique entry point with two sets of securing doors and unless you have a keen eye for detail you would not be able to find it.

Once activated, the first of the G2-Rated Blast-Proof doors shuts off a hallway within two seconds and protects the entrance to the panic room, thus stalling the intruder. Next, also in less than two seconds, the floor doors (G2-Rated and Blast-Proof) rise up and open outwards in a butterfly movement. Once the occupants are in the room, the doors are sealed shut, and there they can securely begin to monitor the property whilst they await help.
Rolls Battery Engineering

The panic or strong room is set up to deal with a home invasion and all of the equipment was purposely designed to cater for such an event.

To enable the design, integration and implementation of this fully functioning home
automation system with panic room, AVD undertook the following:

* scope of works development
* systems infrastructure engineering and design
* documentation of electrical and electronic systems, lighting, cabling and switching schedules
* infrastructure project management
* product selection
* installation and project management of systems
* control system development
* programming and testing
* final commissioning and handover


Entrance to the panic room – the second of the G-2Rated Blast-Proof doors open up from the floor with in two seconds of activation.




To secure the panic room entry, two steel doors open and close hydraulically in a butterfly movement.

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