Digital Picture Frames are quickly become a standard part of the home, displaying digital photos and other content as an “electronic scrapbook.” With the immense popularity of Digital Cameras it seems every moment is being photographed and the digital slideshow has changed how we view these pictures. No longer do old photo albums come out when family visits, now families gather around computers to view these digital slideshows. Digital Spectrum Solutions has been pioneering the Digital Picture Frame market since 2001.

The MF-8104 represents a third generation design attesting to the leadership position they have taken in the industry. New features allow the user to customize slideshows, play music all within a stylish frame in a simple to use form. The setup of the frame is very simple, clear and to the point instructions show you how to utilize the many different options one has to download and view the photos.

The greatest feature of Digital Spectrum MF-8104 Premium Picture Frame is the versatility. In its simplest form a beginner user can simply plug there memory card into the frame and run a slideshow from that. Advanced features allow you to play extravagant music accompanied slideshows from your home network. The Memory Frame MF-8104 Premium can use the Media Connect features of Windows Vista to further integrate digital picture frames into the home experience. The frame is IP addressable, and connects wirelessly to an internal home network and/or through a wireless router for internet access to email, RSS or photo sharing sites. Sporting changeable frame capability, MemoryFrame can be decorated to suit any decor. Coupled with volume control and on screen menu system, the MemoryFrame can be that perfect item in entryway, living room, or den.

As for supplying content to the frame, choose any number of methods including: Built-in Multi-format Card Reader Generous 256MB of internal memory USB Host and Device Ports (Camera, PC, Thumb Drive, etc.) Embedded 802.11 wireless

And because MemoryFrameTM is web enabled, you can enjoy all the content sent to you by your family and friends though the internet and Photo Sharing Sites.

Bringing your digital lifestyle into view! The MemoryFrame Premium family of wireless Digital Frames packs features and capabilities not available elsewhere. The MemoryFrameTM can play images, MP3 audio, or WMV video. As a bonus audio can be played in the background while a slideshow is playing, adding that extra dimension of utility.

Some of the main features include:

* Bright 10.4″ Active Matrix TFT LCD Screen
* Plays Images, MP3 Audio, WMV Video, Audio Slideshow
* Built-in Multi-format Card Reader – CF/SD/MMC
* 256MB Internal Memory for local slideshow storage
* Built-in Stereo Speakers.
* Embedded 802.11 wireless
* Changeable Standard Frame* to Match Your Décor
* Remote Control for content management
* No subscriptions, no PC required, easy to use
* Connect wirelessly to your home or corporate network
* Connect to the Internet for Photo Sharing
* Shares with PC running MS Vista
* Shares with XP equipped with WMP 11

The Digital Picture Frame is a great addition to any home or office and The MemoryFrame Premium with its 10.4″ LCD Screen and interchangeable frame will be a hit in any household. The clear picture and ease of use will allow all levels of user to get enjoyment from there digital pictures.