Digital signage is one of the most powerful, cost-effective communications tools available; but because today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with messages, they’ve become more discriminating about their exposure to commercial messages. They’re focused on what’s relevant to them at that particular point in time and will ignore displays that they perceive do not offer something they want or need.

Digital signage dayparting provides the solution by sending the right message at the right time–automatically. It takes message relevance–the key to maximizing digital signage ROI, to a whole new level by empowering the user to display eye-catching messages that are both timely and informative for the viewer.

Like radio, with its rush hour time slots; TV, with its prime time; or the Internet, where you choose the times you want your messages to appear; digital signage dayparting uses a calendar tool to divide the display options into segments because audiences—and their interests—change throughout the day, throughout the week.

Dayparting optimizes the relevance of your messages because it enables you to schedule various presentations to play automatically at different times of the day and specific days of the week. Organizations that leverage both digital signage and dayparting experience added convenience, increased freedom to focus on their business, and a greater impact on the viewer.

The applications for digital signage daypart scheduling are virtually unlimited. Segments that are already benefitting include the food service industry–especially Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), retailers, malls, airports, professional sports, entertainment, health care, consumer banking, colleges/universities and corporations. Even elevators and taxi cabs can now offer timely displays that are helpful to the viewers.

With dayparting, a restaurant’s breakfast, lunch and dinner digital menu boards can be changed automatically throughout each day when service for that meal begins.

Retailers can use dayparting technology to announce limited-time discounts, product promotions and special offers on specific days and at specific times.

Hotels that use digital signage to direct guests to meetings and services can schedule content promoting their spa and concierge offerings, their café and breakfast specials in the morning, the deli bar for lunch, the bar in the afternoon and the dining room for dinner.

Sport facilities can alternate welcome messages, with sponsor messages, player information and a calendar showing future events

Many of these organizations have been able to completely eliminate the ongoing costs associated with printing and shipping static materials to announce new offerings, price changes, limited-time specials, etc. This is a win-win situation because studies show digital signage attracts 10X the attention of traditional static signs. Employees can also make better use of their time because they can schedule multiple displays for multiple days all in a single session.

In addition to the savings they offer, digital signage with dayparting can be used by colleges, retailers, sports arenas, healthcare facilities and others to generate income by scheduling messages from sponsors and suppliers.

Now that the cost for deploying digital signage with dayparting capabilities is no longer prohibitive, even the smallest organizations can reap the benefits. And with the software available today, the technical challenges of managing displays are no longer a deterrent because setting up a daypart schedule can be as easy as dragging and dropping multiple presentations to a calendar.