Current Issue – Dec 2011 / Jan 2012
Using the Kindle Fire as a Home Automation Touchscreen
Dec 1 – Mark Anderson
Ever since I saw the first homes with wall-mounted touchscreens, I’ve yearned for an affordable alternative. Was the Kindle Fire, the answer to my dreams. I ordered one in an attempt to find out.

The Data-driven Video Discovery Evolution
Dec 1 – Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates
Time-shifted viewing via the DVR or video-on-demand in combination with video options via the Internet has created an increasingly fragmented consumer “television” experience. And although live television still dominates viewing in a typical U.S. TV household, viewers are supplementing this experience with additional options.

What can you expect in today’s conference rooms?
Dec 1 – Len Calderone
To grow, a company has to spend money. Many companies upgrade the technology for their employees, but they often forget the potential of their conference rooms. Before the first piece of equipment is purchased, a company needs to evaluate how the room will be used, the esthetics of the room, and the layout.

LINUX: The Forgotten Operating System – Part One
Dec 1 – James Russo
The development of Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software collaboration; typically all the underlying source code can be used , freely modified, and redistributed, both commercially and non-commercially, by anyone under licenses such as the GNU General Public License.

Project Showcase – iPad Controlled Mediterranean-Style Home in Arkansas
Dec 1 – Contributed by Crestron
Featuring drag-and-drop functionality on a floor plan-based interface, the iPad app controls audio, HVAC, lighting, paging, intercom, security and surveillance. HomeSuite provides the client with similar look and feel across all control devices.

Nature Could Make SSD the Storage Solution Everyone Will Enjoy Soon
Dec 1 – Grant Dahlke, Other World Computing
Higher performance, higher reliability, light weight per capacity and lower power consumption are just a few of the many advantages that are making SSDs the drives of choice for power users, gamers and anyone who wants high-speed and low latency– including businesses.

Cooling Large Home Theater Installations
Nov 15 – Frank Federman, Active Thermal Management
The easiest way to overcome the noise and control issues is to use cooling devices that:

are located away from the enclosure,
turn slowly, and
are controlled by the temperature within the enclosure.
Health, Privacy and Security within the Smart Grid
Nov 15 – Len Calderone
On the surface, a smart grid system sounds like it has great potential from controlling our appliances and saving us money to keeping the world green. On the other side, we could face security, privacy and health issues. These concerns need to be addressed before we can feel comfortable with the smart grid.
Interview – What is WiGig (Wireless Gigabit Alliance)?
Dec 1 – Mark Grodzinsky, Wilocity
Based on the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) specification, Wilocity’s wPCIe TM technology will enable truly multi-gigabit wireless for a wide range of applications from I/O to networking to video.

Review – Long-Runner HDBASE100MSW HDMI Extender
Nov 15 – Michael Palm, TechGuys
We use this solution for conference rooms, lunchrooms, hospital waiting rooms and nearly all-custom Home Theater projects. It’s the bang-for-buck theory. HDMI, IRE and Ethernet from one cable save time, costs and headache.

More Articles
Facebook … The Next Best Thing to Buy, Like
Nov 15 – THE Insider
Companies, brand managers and communications people walk a fine line as they begin to engage more and more with customers and users on a one-to-one basis. But with more than 800M (and counting) Facebookers out there brands simply have to work harder, do more to be Liked … and stay Liked.

Home Automation Protocols, Networks and the Smart Grid
Nov 1 – Len Calderone
We have a long way to go before AV, lighting, HVAC, and appliances come together within a home automation network that will work with smart meters and the utilities’ back office system to communicate both ways flawlessly, controlling how and when energy is wisely consumed. Strides are being made in each area and we will see more systems coming together for the perfect balance of energy consumption and energy savings.

Control Protocol Design
A Guide for Controllable Hardware Manufacturers
Oct 15 – Dean Roddey, Charmed Quark
This document is for developers of hardware devices which are intended for external control by automation systems, specialized control applications, or hardware controllers, via some sort of wired or wireless connection. Any such device must expose a ‘control protocol’ which defines the form and meaning of commands and information passing between the two involved parties.

How Will the Smart Grid Affect The Home Tech Industry?
Oct 15 – Len Calderone
All aspects of home technology will be affected by the country’s need to conserve energy on a mass scale, placing the systems integrators and equipment manufacturers in a position for growth.

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