Before most of its competitors were in business, Crestron perfected wireless, Web-based and mobile control. No one can touch the ability of Crestron to create personalized touchpanel control and user-defined backgrounds on virtually any device. Now, users can enjoy the magical iPad experience with the power of Crestron control.

The Crestron Mobile Pro™ G iPad app comes with beautiful graphic templates and selectable backgrounds. There are also infinite possibilities for customization. Most people want a personalized look and feel on all their touchscreen interfaces. A client can enjoy the same artistry and functionality on each touchpanel, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC and MacBook® connected to the Crestron control system. Using local Wi-Fi or 3G network remotely, total control is always at your fingertips, wherever you may be.

On vacation, check that lights are off and the alarm is on. Make sure your kids aren’t blasting the music too loud and disturbing the neighbors. Let the housekeeper in without giving up your alarm code. Check the security cameras at your office. Complete, convenient access is yours, all in real time and from anywhere.

Currently available in multiple languages including English, French and Chinese, Crestron Mobile Pro G puts a virtual Crestron touchpanel in the palm of your hand for complete mobile control.

Creative Commands Designer:
Workplace Technology Center

From the Field

I love the Apple products, and it’s great being able to integrate them with Crestron systems. When I design an interface, a common goal for clients is consistency. It’s important to them to have touchscreens that look and perform the same way. They don’t want to see icons and menus laid out differently when they go from one device to another. They also like the screens to have an appearance that reflects their personalities and lifestyles. The flexibility of the iPad app allows us to produce interfaces that meet those standards.

I use my iPhone and iPad every day, usually to access my home Crestron system remotely. They work great. I get quick and easy access to the system and the connectivity is rock solid. From a programmer’s perspective, the tools are all there and they work very well.

I don’t see the iPad replacing touchpanels, but it makes a really nice complement to a Crestron system. At the end of the day, if I’m relaxing on the couch and using my iPad to look something up on the Web, it’s pretty convenient to launch the Crestron app and adjust the lights or turn on the TV, for example.

– Adam Moffitt, Programmer