Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) was engineered to break through the barriers and overcome the challenges, hassles and confusion that surround HDMI and HD digital signal distribution in whole home environments.

This Marylebone townhouse is the first installation of Crestron’s revolutionary DigitalMedia™ solution – the only complete system that can distribute all analog and uncompressed HD digital signals throughout the home, and manage embedded data such as HDCP, EDID and CEC. From the home theater in the basement, to the third floor mezzanine and everywhere in between, this property’s entertainment systems output astonishing audio and video quality in pure high definition.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) distribution is in great demand, but comes with many challenges with all the disparate and piecemeal solutions available today. Expectations are high, as displays, video games and Blu-ray Disc players are driving HD specs and consumer expectations to a feverish pitch. The promise of the HDMI is great – a single cable carrying uncompressed HD digital audio and video – and home entertainment consumers have been dreaming of the possibilities.

Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) was engineered to break through the barriers and overcome the challenges, hassles and confusion that surround HDMI and HD digital signal distribution in whole home environments. Kitchen London-based integrator, Custom Controls, designed and managed the entire implementation, working within a tight, one-month timeframe requested by the homeowner. “Although the project was challenging, we saw it as an opportunity. High Def is in demand now, and we were very excited to be working on the first Crestron DigitalMedia installation in the UK,” explains Dave Chester of Custom Controls.

Pixel Perfect with DigitalMedia A DM-MD 16×16 DigitalMedia Switcher distributes HD signals from multiple audio and video sources to eight displays and speakers zones, including seven LG LCD TVs and a 50” Panasonic Plasma. The breakthrough solution also processes and manages the HDCP content protection, resulting in the complete and permanent elimination of the switching latency (black screen) that plagues other HDMI switchers.

With a touch on any one of nine Crestron TPS-6X or TPS-6L touchpanels throughout the home, the owner enjoys extreme image clarity and unmatched resolution on any or all displays. Based internationally, the owner also appreciates the versatility the touchpanels provide while displaying three different real-time weather reports and time zones simultaneously. “Creating a professional whole house entertainment system today means handling the challenges that come with HD, but these challenges have been significantly reduced thanks to Crestron. DigitalMedia enabled us to exceed the client’s expectations for high definition viewing, and I can’t imagine the product could be any better. Plus, the easy DM installation tools allowed us to deliver the project on-time and within budget,” says Chester.

Additionally, the Crestron Mobile ® app for Apple iPhone® enables the owner to control the heating right from his iPhone, from anywhere in the world. This convenience is a huge benefit for an owner who travels frequently, and now has the luxury of walking into a nice warm home upon returning from a grueling business trip. In the home theater, a TPS-6X provides easy touch control of the high powered home entertainment system which includes B&W surround sound speakers and 1000W subwoofer, a media server, and the 50” plasma display. DM-RMC-100 Room Controller & DM CAT Receiver provides the digital interface for the widescreen plasma and LCD displays in each room, enabling high definition digital AV signals to be distributed seamlessly as part of a complete DM system.

Images from the comprehensive CCTV system are also relayed in HD, providing premium security surveillance. An advanced CP2E Control System manages all audio/video technology and heating system control behind the scenes, providing high performance automation and control of the first – and surely not the last – fully integrated digital home in the UK.