Ever wanted to have a good quality web or security cam? Well, first you start with a good camera, and then a web server, then you need special streaming software so that multiple users can access the unit and still have good response.

Don’t want to go to the trouble of putting all that together and getting it to work? The solution may be this CatEye Technologies network camera server. It will enable you to view the camera from your corporate network or from the Internet and the integrated system is easy to set up.

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The all in one unit contains a high resolution CCD camera and an embedded web server. There are inputs for 3 analogue camera’s (CCTV). Other features include an interface for adding on a pan/tilt/zoom function as well as adding a motion sensor. All this can be controlled with a standard web browser … no additional software needed. You can add encrypted passwords for access as well as full filtering of the IP network. All management is done via the network or locally. Integrating a web server into products is becoming standard with many network devices from file servers to printers these days.

A full security system for your business can be installed, no need for the video switching equipment and VCR. You can save the video by using a downloadable plugin in your browser (SBM) saving it to a PC at the location or to a remote PC. Also available is a software Remote DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which can be accessed via the internet of desired. For a small or large business you can have much more functionality than the old security setup of closed circuit cameras and switching equipment. Also you don’t need to remember to change and archive the tapes.

I hooked the system up at home … connected to my home network with the camera facing out over our deck … set up as a web camera. To connect to a network the system needs a fixed IP address and some security settings. Then just plug it in. To connect it externally to the internet via broadband modem most providers give you a dynamic IP address so you need a gateway that can get a dynamic IP address and hold it. The system can also be set to use a telephone modem.

The picture quality of the CETI Cam is as good my video camera and works down to a dim 1 lux. Via your browser you can view the internal camera or one of the three external cameras or all 4 cameras together in various frame sizes from 192×144 to 720×480 and various speeds up to 15 frames per second. This high speed looks quite good on a local network but you can also slow the frame rate or lower the resolution if you are using for surveillance work and saving it to a computer.

Here is an example of the web interface for the system:

The grey screen above would show your camera view. To see a live demo go to http://www.cateyetechnologies.com/demo-f.shtml .

Summary of Features:

Self contained system
– All in one package
– Stable and Reliable system based on RISC hardware

Supports various protocols
– HTTP, TCP, IP, FTP, telnet, ARP, RARP, PPP, PAP, CHAP, JAVA, etc.

High speed JPEG compression engine
– International standard, Motion JPEG
– Real-time image compression up to 30 frames per 1 second

Easy Access
– Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, Netscape 4.0 or higher
– No plug-in SAN for the monitoring


System Configuration
– 32bit RISC CPU
– Hardware Motion JPEG engine
– Flash Memory: Up to 2M bytes
– SDRAM: up to 16M bytes*

– 15cm (L) *9 cm (W) *4.5 cm (H)
– Weight; 0.8kg without power supply

This camera system has many features and is very versatile. If you want a high quality web camera for your business or need to integrate a security camera setup, this is a good system to consider. Expansion is easy with external cameras or more of these units and you just set it up and forget it.

MSRP = $ 950.00