The home technology industry's premier trade show, CEDIA, will start September 10 and run through the 13th at the Colorado Convention Center.  You will be able to re-energize yourself with the latest industry trends and ideas, as well as interact with others, who face the same challenges that you face.

This is a great show to explore new technologies and learn new skills.  Whether you have a solid base in residential systems and are looking for more cutting edge information, or if you are new to the industry and need to learn the fundamentals, CEDIA EXPO has what you need to become skilled and progress in today’s competitive market.

On the show floor, you will find the products that your customers will want in their home installations. Do you have the product knowledge and know-how on installing them? See new product launches at the New Product Launch Pad; check out the new products from Rookie Row exhibitors, or visit with the traditional manufacturers rolling out their new innovations. Here are some of the exhibitors that you might want to visit—

In booth 882 is AVProAlliance


See their 780 series handheld test instruments for HDMI, which are battery-powered, portable video and audio generators and HDMI  analyzers that enable you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of a HDMI system and analog video displays. The 780 series instruments are equipped with both a reference HDMI source and a reference HDMI sink interface allowing you to test audio, video and HDMI protocols.

In booth 996 is BidMagic


If your company is involved in writing bids, you might want to check out BidMagic, which is a provider of software products for AV & security integrators, who need to develop professional proposals that win bids, project management and a complete workflow solution. If you are spending too much time keeping up with products in your proposals, BidMagic's Product Grabbers provide instant access to over 2 Million AV, Security, IT and Electronics Products. This is must have software.

In Booth 536 is Sonos Inc


Check out the Sonos wireless HiFi system, comprised of wireless speakers and audio components, which deliver music to every room with warm, full-bodied sound that is crystal clear at any volume. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want in every room over a dedicated wireless network.

In Booth 930 is NEXUS 21

Nexus 21's patented TV lift systems allow homeowners to save space by concealing their flat panel televisions inside of cabinets or walls. The TV can be hidden almost anywhere, including existing furniture, at the foot of the bed, in a kitchen island, behind a sofa or even below a window sill. The systems are UL recognized and "Made in America." Each model includes the Nexis 21 safety package, which completely prevents pinched fingers.

In booth 918 is Just Add Power

Just Add Power is the global leader of HD over IP products to build any size HDMI matrix up to 4000 inputs and 65000 outputs. One of HD/IP's primary benefits is that when it is used in conjunction with a compatible managed Ethernet switch setup, a flexible, any-combination HDMI matrix switching distribution solution can be created.

Almost limitless distribution combinations can be created. From 1-source x 200-screen scenarios in a commercial setting, to a 10-source x 30-screen matrix switch in a luxury home.

The units can be made to perform as a simple HDMI splitter using a standard Gigabit switch. Transmitters and receivers, with their plug and play operation, will also act as better baluns in a point to point solution for HDMI transmission over catX. Their ability to perform over single catX cable runs and be immune from traditional HDMI balun problems can make them useful for troublesome projects.

In booth 886 is Cozzia USA

Cozzia is a manufacturer of lounges, which feature shiatsu massage technology. Shiatsu massage is a technology that simulates the same health and relaxation benefits of a massage given by a professional masseuse.  The operation of a massage chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs various intelligent massage methods and combinations like kneading, tapping, rolling and air massage. All these methods massage the acupressure points to accurately and effectively alleviate fatigue, promote metabolism and improve blood circulation.

In booth 580 is Elk Products Inc

Elk Products provide cost-effective and innovative security and automation solutions to the professional trade with product quality and technical support. They design and provide personalized home and business security, energy conservation management and convenience solutions. They keep up with industry changes, using remote control and data transfer of their solutions through the internet and smartphones. Their strength is providing a simple to use system that delivers full-featured and personalized integrated solution sets in the areas of security, lighting, audio, and environmental control.

Their M1 system can provide notification via email or text message for a variety of events including system arming/disarming, alarm activation; high/low temperatures, and system troubles.

In booth 1364 is Flir Systems Inc

Flir is the world leader in thermal imaging technology for over 40 years. FLIR provides full-spectrum video security solutions for outdoor perimeter intrusion detection and indoor security. They bring innovative sensing solutions to daily life through thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems.

Their advanced systems and components are used for a wide variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, navigation, recreation, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, transportation safety and efficiency, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives threat detection.

In booth 210 is James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker is an innovator in both high-end residential and commercial speaker solutions, including indoor, outdoor and marine. All James speakers are designed with minimal visual presence. The result is solid sonic precision within the beauty of your surroundings.

In the High Performance Audio Rooms 710 and 712 is Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway Lyngdorf will showcase their new Model P2 surround sound processor. Immersive surround sound installation will be the trend for the future. Filmmakers can now add additional elements to a soundtrack for the most realistic cinema listening experience. The Model P2 is the only processor on the market to allow installers to place speakers in the exact positions recommended for any format; and it is the only processor to support multiple speaker configurations for the new Dolby Atmos surround format and the Auro-3D.

CEDIA EXPO 2014 where you can see change. You will be able to touch, and be transformed by the products and trends driving the residential market. There will be a wealth of new ideas and products, and you should be there.


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