What new products and/or new features will you be introducing at CEDIA this year? 

Autonomic has a lot in the way of new products and services on display at CEDIA booth 3825. The Mirage Audio System (MAS) is a complete distributed audio solution designed to accommodate systems in a broad range of size and price. The MAS is composed of Autonomic’s acclaimed Mirage Media Servers together with a choice of two digital amplifiers, two in-wall control options and applications for iOS and Android devices that can be mixed and matched in any configuration depending on system requirements. All Mirage Audio System components have been engineered to work seamlessly together, delivering the highest level of functionality to end users while becoming the go-to source for profitable and reliable distributed audio solutions for the CEDIA integrator. MSRP for the 4-zone MAS-4 is $4945 and MSRP for the 8-zone MAS-8 is $8350 All Mirage Audio Systems are now shipping to authorized dealers.

Mirage Media Servers now offer critical additional functionality being demonstrated for the first time at the 2013 CEDIA Expo. The new features include compatibility with SiriusXM Radio 2.0, Slacker Radio and Gracenote™ as well as a secure Dealer Portal enabling integrators to gain remote access to their customer’s Mirage Media Servers for diagnostics and firmware updates without having to send a technician onsite.

New Mirage Media Server Feature Summary:

SiriusXM 2.0

  • Improved browsing hierarchy
  • Tune by channel capability
  • Added SiriusXM On Demand (http://www.siriusxm.com/ondemand)
  • Added SiriusXM favorites (shared with the SiriusXM web player)
  • Jump forward and back in the "Live" stream to listen to the previous song again or jump to the start of a show

Slacker Radio

  • New streaming service for Mirage Media Server (http://www.slacker.com/)
  • Available in Canada as well as for consumers in the USA
  • Free Slacker accounts get access to over 200 expert-programmed stations covering every imaginable genre or mood
  • Premium Slacker accounts get access to content on demand much like Rhapsody and Spotify


  • Locates and adds high resolution (up to 1080×1080) cover art to tracks missing artwork
  • Enhances album art for radio sources such as Pandora and SiriusXM
  • Upcoming Firmware will allow you to enhance the Metadata on your existing library to "normalize" artist and album names and retrieve metadata for tracks via a digital fingerprint

Secure Dealer Portal

  • Active dealers will be able to see the status of all of their Mirage Media Servers from a single location
  • Check online status
  • Check firmware version and push firmware without sending technician to each location
  • Open a support case quickly with our support team
  • Multiple levels of security for each company allowing task delegation

How does the MAS offer unique opportunities for CEDIA integrators?

The Mirage Audio System (MAS) has been designed either as a standalone distributed audio solution or to be used with advanced modules (included) engineered specifically for the most popular control systems. This streamlines the installation process and gives integrators an intuitive entertainment solution that is ideal for any application. Without any special programming, the installer can connect the MAS components together, perform a quick configuration of Zone names, install the iOS and Android applications on their customer’s devices, and the result is highly predictable, repeatable, and profitable.  Retrofitting an older multi-room setup can be done in less than half a day.  Pull out the old distribution amplifier and source components, slide in the Mirage Media Server and Amplifier, connect the speakers and keypads using the existing wires, and install the applications.  A smart integrator can create a revenue windfall by using the Mirage Audio System to up-sell customers who have aging legacy systems that are using CD players and FM tuners.  In less than a day, poor radio reception and bulky in-wall volume controls are replaced by a universe of crystal clear music on the internet and sophisticated in-wall touch screens that can control it all. On top of this flexibility, remote management capability enables integrators to deliver enhanced services such as firmware updates, system diagnosis and changes to playback schedules or content all handled remotely—important to commercial integrators covering numerous locations.

What are the primary features of CEDIA that you focus on (i.e. Show floor, training, seminars etc.)?

CEDIA is an ideal opportunity to highlight what’s new from our brand to both existing and prospective dealers. Particularly this year, Autonomic will be focusing on the new Mirage Audio System solutions and the feature benefits of these new products such as the 8-channel M400 and 16-channel M800 high performance amplifiers. In addition to traditional analog inputs, both products have high resolution internal D/A converters with coax or Toslink digital inputs for all source inputs, making them an ideal pair with Mirage Media Servers, all of which feature a digital output that can be used as the primary source to supply crystal clear music to any of the zones. Autonomic’s Mirage Audio System delivers the power and audio quality required for high performance loudspeakers throughout the home.

CEDIA is also an ideal opportunity for Autonomic to host training initiatives, giving the company’s key executives an opportunity to disseminate critical information and have dialogue with the sales channel. Autonomic will be offering a session called “Old Customers, New Business” (Accelerate and Increase Repeat Sales) featuring Autonomic Co-Founder and CEO Michael de Nigris who will highlight a specific method for generating new business using one of the most valuable assets your company has; your past book of business.  Course times below:   

Old Customers, New Business:

Catalog #: MPT1136-1, Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 pomp
Catalog #: MPT1136-2, Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Course Code: MPT1136 V CEU Value: 0.75e: 0.75

Another valuable training initiative being offered by Autonomic’s CTO and Co-Founder Michael Toscano is called “Deploying the New Mirage Audio System,” which is an in-depth session detailing the installation and configuration of the all-new Mirage Audio System. This class provides a detailed overview of the Mirage Audio System components, and outlines how to specify the right combination of streaming servers, amplifiers and keypads to match your job needs. Configuration topics include zone linking, keypad configuration, iOS and Android applications, media scheduling, remote administration, speaker selection, room optimization, auxiliary amplification, multi-location media synchronization, iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive configuration, synchronization of multiple iTunes accounts, and set-up of multiple service accounts for streaming services such as SiriusXM, Last.fm, TuneIn, Napster, Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora. Course times below:

Deploying the New Mirage Audio System

Catalog #: MPT1137-1, Friday, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 pomp
Catalog #: MPT1137-2, Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Course Code: MPT1137 CEU Value: 0.75

What makes CEDIA an important show for your company? 

Autonomic takes advantage of the powerful opportunity to meet with dealers and obtain feedback on everything from product features and functionality to policies and programs—and we have leveraged the information we take home from the show to make our brand a more valuable channel partner. “A distinguishing characteristic of the Mirage line of audio products has been our steady commitment to the product. Many electronics manufacturers cycle through generations of products chasing what they perceive the “next big thing”. Autonomic has made vast operational improvements, added features, and increased the value and utility of the product line over the course of the last seven years.  The result is a system that reflects the significant investment in the line through its maturity, reliability, and incredible feature set.” –Michael de Nigris, CEO

Who are you trying to attract at CEDIA and how do you go about it? 

Autonomic’s core customers are CEDIA integrators—the custom installers worldwide who are specifying and installing distributed audio solutions to their clients. The Mirage Audio System delivers a rich feature set oriented specifically toward our customer base and the opportunity for critical profitability in the marketplace. Autonomic also offers outstanding customer service and business terms that compliment the integrator model. 

Do you attend other tradeshows and if so where does CEDIA rank in order of importance for you?

Autonomic attends and exhibits at trade shows around the world and the CEDIA Expo is currently our strongest Business to Business event.

What does CEDIA do right and how could they improve?

CEDIA does an excellent job of pulling together a vast array of dealers small to large, giving us an opportunity to expose the Autonomic brand to new customers while reinforcing our brand message and highlighting new features to existing customers. CEDIA provides an opportunity for critical interaction between manufacturers and their customers each year. 


Michael de Nigris co-founded Autonomic in 2006 with co-founder and CTO Michael Toscano.  Prior to forming the company, he served as Vice President and Director of Application Development for MBIA, a Fortune 100 finance company.