Challenges * Ability to provide documentation that clients could understand * No effective method to communicate project innovation to staff * Drawings were done by hand and were time consuming * Better project tracking Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, AVIA, Inc. is a full service system integration company providing design, products and installation for the custom marine and residential markets. Best Practices * Reduced costs per year * Streamlined business * Ability to provide deliverable to easily communicate specific job details to clients and staff * More accurate tracking of projects * More accurate billing and original quotes * Higher quality system designs Simply Automated Starter Package Eric Roy, Chief Operations Officer and CEDIA Certified Professional Designer of AVIA, Inc., joined the AVIA team in 2003 upon which D-Tools SI was already adopted as the business platform. AVIA utilized D-Tools for design, tracking, internal/external job phase communication and streamlining the business as a whole. One of AVIA’s main challenges was having a method to correctly and easily communicate the specifics of each job phase not only within the company between installers but also to clients. “D-Tools has helped provide us a tangible deliverable to everyday people. We can now provide documentation that people can understand. The captain of the yacht, project installers, and the clients are all on the same page, making our service indispensable” said Roy. As the project changes and becomes more complex, AVIA is able to correspond the alterations and job details satisfying the needs of the shipyards, owners, yacht crew, and the AVIA staff with a unified set of documentation. D-Tools also allows AVIA to provide useful documentation to meet the shipbuilding demands of leading manufacturers of luxury motor yachts. They can take the documentation, pull cables, keep copies and use them for billing when the project is completed, resulting in better shipyard satisfaction. “What makes D-Tools so powerful is the fact that we are now able to take a project and deliver the documentation to shipyards, and they have been able to develop an in-house turn-key system, streamlining the whole process on both ends,” said Roy. AVIA has proved to be a highly skilled D-Tools’ user as they were recently named winner of the Most Unique category of the 2007 D-Tools Design Awards. Roy created a full entertainment retrofit on a 160 ft. custom mega yacht. It is also the first time integration of water chilled HVAC system. His impressive design included detailed schematics for every room of the yacht. Results AVIA Inc. has experienced a significant reduction in time and cost for each project because resources are correctly allocated, resulting in better tracking and correctly ordered equipment for each job. Additionally, AVIA reduces time by generating easily understood and applied documentation with D-Tools so remote installations can be managed onsite by AVIA’s technical staff. Client’s staff can communicate change orders or requests, which can be quickly and accurately implemented significantly reducing time to delivery. AVIA has also increased revenues since the inception of D-Tools SI. They are able to correctly bill for all labor and materials used on a job, and they have been able to reduce missing parts because the correct items for each project are ordered from the beginning. "D-Tools is highly refined, easy to use, and exceedingly functional”, said Roy. “We are pleased that it has become the foundation for our business as we have witnessed significant positive results and return on investment. The software is definitely an asset to our organization.”