Company Concept and Background

AUTON Motorized Systems, the legendary manufacturer of motorized TV lifts has been the preeminent manufacturer in the industry since 1955 and can build custom systems for designers, architects, builders, and fine furniture makers. Virgil Walker, President of AUTON Motorized Systems, invented the rack and pinion TV lift in 1955 and has since become the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of TV lifts. While Mr. Walker continues to expand AUTON’S product line, the future of motorized design is always in his sight as new products are continually being researched, tested, and developed. Over the years, many copycat manufacturers have appeared but none have the commitment to quality and innovation that has made AUTON Motorized Systems the world’s leader in motorized systems. AUTON Motorized Systems uses only welded steel construction in all of its products and never uses sheet metal. All AUTON products carry a four-year warranty, the longest in the industry.

Innovation & Recognition

AUTON Motorized Systems has received numerous accolades for its commitment to developing new technology and innovative features to the industry. AUTON received the Electronic House Best Product of the Year Award in 2002 for its industry-first Automatic Shut Off Technology. In 2005, Electronic House again recognized AUTON for it’s Ceiling Flip Down System and handed the company one of its prestigious Product of the Year Awards.

Industry’s First Lean Manufacturing Process

On January 1, 2006, AUTON will implement its new lean-manufacturing program that will allow AUTON to be more efficient in its manufacturing processes. Modeled after Toyota’s methods of quality automobile manufacturing, the lean manufacturing program offers a “visual representation” of the manufacturing process and allows any worker at any time to see something out of place or take note of a potential efficiency lapse. The process also allows workers the opportunity to present new ideas to management teams to continually enhance the manufacturing process.

AUTON on National Television Programs

AUTON’S Award -Winning Ceiling Flip Down System can currently be seen on HGTV’s new hit show, “I Want That!” HGTV also features AUTON’s most popular model, the 1001-PS, on its long-running program, “Designer’s Challenge.” AUTON products have also been featured on FOX Television’s hit home makeover show, “Renovate My Family.”

Product Usage

AUTON products are used throughout the world in fine homes, hotels, conference centers and boardrooms, aircraft, and watercraft. Additionally, AUTON products are used in commercial, industrial, and institutional environments. All AUTON products are designed to improve the environment in which they are installed and create a sense of elegance and efficiency.

Featured Products


AUTON’S product line is extensive and boasts the most complete series of motorized systems available anywhere. Of special note, AUTON’S World Famous IN-VIS-O-TRAK was featured on the February 2004 cover of Electronic House Magazine. At the touch of a button on a hand held remote, the IN-VIS-O-TRAK operates using advanced electronics and a rack and pinion drive that quietly moves an art panel either vertically or horizontally to reveal your plasma screen.

Plasma Lifts

When you need a plasma lift system that becomes part of your pre-designed custom furniture, AUTON’S Plasma Pop-Up answers the call. Using a hand held remote, the lift will raise, lower, and swivel your plasma screen. Accommodating all standard plasma screen configurations as well as any custom sizes required, AUTON’S Plasma Pop-Up might be exactly what you’re looking for. AUTON is now offering it’s exclusive SMART Motor Technology that eliminates the need for an on-board electronic box – all of the wiring and sensors are built into the motor so designers and installers don’t have to worry about securing loose wires during installation.

An award-winning addition to AUTON’S already comprehensive product line is the Plasma Ceiling Flip-Down system. When space is a critical issue, the unit uses only 11.5″ inches of space when fully closed and neatly hides itself in a dedicated ceiling space. Like all AUTON products, the lift is operated by a hand-held remote and features smooth and quiet rack and pinion operation.

Projector Lifts

A mainstay in AUTON’S product line is its series of lifts design specifically for projectors. Most commonly used in corporate boardrooms, AUTON’S Projector Lift can also be used in today’s modern home-theater installations. The Projector Lift is operated by remote control, is available in standard and custom sizes, and has a four-year warranty.


AUTON’S commitment to providing a complete line of motorized systems is evident when you take a look at AUTON’S SmartWaiter. Covering distances from as little as one floor to reaching to the fourth floor in America’s largest homes, AUTON’S SmartWaiter uses the stability of a rack and pinion drive system to deliver all kinds of loads including groceries, firewood, storage boxes, laundry, and tools.

Other Products

AUTON Motorized systems manufactures many other types of automated systems that include speaker lifts, monitor lifts, panel lifts, appliance lifts, adjustable work surfaces and motorized swivels.

Partial AUTON Client List

Although AUTON’S client list is virtually endless, here is an example of the kinds of institutions, businesses, and people who rely on AUTON products: The White House, Hyatt Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, CBS Studios, MGM Studios, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and a plethora of internationally recognized celebrities.

Basic Technical Information

Electric Motor Drive System – AUTON’S drive systems use electric motors and limit switches to control the up/down/swivel/operation of the unit. The motion of any AUTON product can be stopped at any point during system travel.

Electronic Connectivity – All AUTON products are triggered by electronic communication. Triggering is ordered using these basic methods – Rocker Switch, IR, RF, and low voltage operation. Additionally, AUTON systems can be connected to any home automation system such as Crestron, AMX, and Lutron. Contact AUTON directly for more information. Please note that AUTON is a certified “Crestron Industry Partner.”

Over Ride Switch – All AUTON products are equipped with AUTON’S unique “override” switch. If the transmitter is damaged or misplaced, the lift can be raised and lowered using the override switch.

Power Requirements – All AUTON products can be plugged into standard household 110v household current. Systems requiring the connection of other electronic equipment are equipped with additional on-board outlets. For international use, other electronic configurations are available.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about AUTON Motorized Systems please visit our web site at To talk to Virgil Walker, President of AUTON Motorized Systems directly, call him at (661) 257-9282 ext. 103. He’d be happy to take your call.

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