8 Best OLED Televisions


There are two major names to know when choosing an OLED TV: LG and Sony. OLED Televisions (Organic Light Emitting Diode) take image quality to the next level. You’ll find the most OLED TV models from those manufacturers, but LG is the “OG” of the OLED TV game.  LG is the creator of OLED technology. …

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10 Best Stylus Pens

stylus image

A stylus pen is a must-have tool for precision editing, note-taking or leisurely drawing on a tablet or smartphone. But with so many products on the market, how can you choose the right one?  The good news is that, regardless of the stylus you choose, you’ll be able to avoid fingerprints all over your touchscreen …

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11 Best iPhone Projectors

iPhone projector image

Did you know that it’s possible to create a mobile cinema in minutes using your iPhone and a mini projector?  No, we’re not talking about using a projector app (although those are cool). This is all about turning your iPhone into a mini-theater. Throw in a projector screen and a portable Bluetooth speaker, then add …

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10 Best Headphones With Microphone

headphones with microphone

Headphones have come a long way, especially versions with an integrated microphone. You can choose from a variety of headphones with a built-in mic for everything from online learning to conference calls and more. We’ve found the best headphones with a microphone, including wired and wireless options in a range of different styles and prices. …

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7 Best Dehumidifiers

dehumidifier image

When humidity is high in your home, a dehumidifier is a great option. Places like your basement is ground zero for issues with moisture. It’s a good idea to add a dehumidifier to the mix. A dehumidifier is a solid investment. It helps even after you’ve taken other measures like: Sealing your basement from water …

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10 Best Phono Preamps

person listening to headphones with phono preamp

There’s nothing quite like listening to music on a turntable. The nuance of sound from vinyl records is something special.  However, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment to get the best sound possible from your turntable. With the right phono preamplifier (preamp), you can listen to albums old and new. These …

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10 Best Audiophile Headphones

audiophile headphones

When it comes to audiophile headphones sound, preferences vary.  Some zero-in on bass. Others opt for timbre. A pure, detailed listening experience from headphones requires time to find just the right mix of features. For those of you that are particular about your sound preferences, finding the right audiophile headphone can make all the difference. …

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