6 Best DVD Recorder and VCR Combinations

dvd vhs

If you’ve decided it’s time to migrate your family home movies from VHS to a more modern medium, you’re in luck. You can save money and keep your special memories safe on your own.  The best DVD recorder and VCR combos will have more than just the basics. Many include the ability to upscale your …

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10 Best High-End Bluetooth Speakers

high-end bluetooth speaker

High-end Bluetooth speakers are the most convenient way to integrate music into our lives while sharing it with others.  However, there’s a lot of noise out there (pun intended) around Bluetooth speakers, making it difficult to find the top options on the market. The best high-end Bluetooth speakers provide exceptional quality in both durability and …

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10 Best Turntable Speakers for Your Record Player

turntable speakers

Vinyl has been steadily making a comeback. As a result, many people are purchasing the equipment needed to listen to their favorite records. However, mixing a medium developed more than half a century ago with modern technology requires careful consideration. You need to understand what your system has and what will enhance it.  The best …

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10 Best Floorstanding Speakers

floorstanding speakers

The best floorstanding speakers create the ultimate soundstage in your home and produce exceptional beats that will have your living room rocking. These speakers will captivate you with their dynamic precision, taking your listening experience to the next level by leaving no sound unheard. If you’re upgrading from your current bookshelf speakers, building a system …

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