Current Issue – Aug / Sept 2011
Rescue Audio – Part 1 – Finding the Gems
Aug 1 – Mark Cerasuolo
As you read this, chances are that someone is abandoning a classic audio component—maybe something you always wanted—at a thrift store near you. Here’s how to rescue and enjoy it.

Internet Enabled Devices for your Home Theater
Aug 1 – Len Calderone
An Internet enabled television is the simplest way to connect to the Internet without turning anything else on. Yet, you may be joined to a content provider that has partnered with a particular device that you have to use. If you upgrade or change devices, be sure that the content service is compatible with that device.

Is 3-D Television in Your Future?
Aug 1 – Len Calderone
All though 3-D television is an emerging technology, it will be main stream sooner than we expect, as 3-D cameras are improved and all television sets will be capable of reproducing 3-D accurately.

The Brief Lifespan Of DAT
Aug 1 – James Russo
DAT was widely used in the professional audio recording industry in the 1990’s, and is still used to some extent. Particularly with regard to archives created in the ’90, although most labels have a program in place to transfer these tapes to a hard disk-based database.

The Real World Value of the Virtual World
Aug 1 – THE Insider
Lots of folks are saying the valuations of today’s virtual businesses are real, not like the last bunch that went up in glory and down in flames. Others aren’t so sure. Most of us find it interesting but don’t have any skin in the game.

Virtual World Calls for Virtual Money
Aug 1 – THE Insider
Ironically, people in third-world countries have been faster to convert to mobile money than those in industrial countries. The challenges? Infrastructure and security. Someone always wants to spoil the party but the transition is underway.

Looking for a New TV Experience – Try The Internet
July 11- Len Calderone
The Internet is positively the new television. So much so, that we are using our computer and Internet ready boxes more for entertainment than anything else. And we can get this entertainment just about anywhere that we have broadband service. While reality TV is taking over the cable and satellite systems, we can branch out and find the shows that we really want to watch, when we want to watch them.

People, Work, Play and Content Are On the Move
July 11- THE Insider
Increasingly, people are bringing in their own devices – notebooks, smartphones, and tablets to work. As more business apps are available, the tablet will be used for even more “office activities” … yeah, right! The challenge for IT people will be ensuring that they have adequate security in place, which is still an issue with the iPhone your boss told them to support.

Did I Turn off the Lights?
June 28 – Len Calderone
Save energy by controlling your home’s temperature while traveling. Check the video feed from your security cameras. Turn off the security system for a neighbor to enter and feed the cat without giving out a security code.

The iPad® as a Dedicated Controller
June 28 – Morgan Strauss of Guifx
The iPad’s true potential as a controller lies in accessing home systems when away from the house. With a WiFi connection and an app from the control system manufacturer, users can check in on their security systems, turn the lights off if they left them on, or adjust the temperature before they get home from work, all from pretty much anywhere in the world.
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The Lutron Energi TriPak
Aug 1 – Christopher Buck, Lutron
The Energi TriPak solution is ideal for small commercial spaces such as conference rooms, private offices, training rooms, open office space, and any other area that benefits from reduced energy consumption. In many of these spaces, lighting is on at full brightness even when the space is unoccupied or when there is abundant daylight.

Multi-Room Audio with CasaTunes
Aug 1 – CasaTunes
CasaTunes will automatically and instantly detect when a new song or other audio file is added to your iTunes in the Cloud account and enables those tracks to be accessed and played via CasaTunes anywhere in the home. Further, CasaTunes can play music from Windows Media, RadioTime and SHOUTcast throughout the home with different channels in each room.

Procella Audio
Aug 1 – Chuck Back
Procella came into the marketplace with a high-performance speaker system created not in a garage but as a solution for the European headquarters of one of the top audio companies in the world. Taking basic designs that come from a pro audio perspective that includes a strong cinema background, and seasoning them with studio/audiophile sensibilities, these speakers take a ‘top down’ approach to home theater, bringing the best performance characteristics of reference cinema systems into the home.

More Articles
Making Sense of Internet Radios
June 21 – Len Calderone
Radio, as we have known it, has morphed into something exciting, where we no longer have to tune-into a program at a certain time, or be forced to listen to music that is lackluster. We, the listeners, now control the media.

Protecting Projectors from Vibration Sources
June 14 – Nigel Brent, Nigel B Design
As most causes of vibration are equipment such as an HVAC Unit attached to a Building’s Steel Framework, installing the Projector on the same Steelwork results in vibrations between 0-30,000 Hertz being transmitted directly to the Projector.

Hey! I’m a Radio Station
June 14 – Len Calderone
Just like the medical field took apart our DNA, the Music Gnome Project took apart the basics of music, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics and vocal harmony.

Digital Signage Dayparting Takes Content Relevance to a New Level
June 14 – Jeff Hastings, BrightSign
Dayparting optimizes the relevance of your messages because it enables you to schedule various presentations to play automatically at different times of the day and specific days of the week.

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