Current Issue – August/Sept 2010
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Are Internet HDTVs The Next Big Thing?
Sept 13 – Tamaryn Pratt
Someday Internet TVs will be mainstream, but for now they are still cutting edge. If you own one, your valuable experience and insights will help manufacturers fully develop this feature.

Pre-Wire Your Home- Chapter 8: Things to Avoid
Sept 3 – David Feller
Short and sweet – a few things not to do when you wire your home for technology.

Home Automation Apps
Aug 27 /10 – HomeToys
New Feature – Daily Stories about Home Automation Apps

The Role of the Set-Top Box
Aug 27 – Harry Wang
Parks Associates expects the role that a set-top box serves in the home to expand. Service providers, especially cable and telco/IPTV operators, will leverage this platform to support their multiplay strategies.

When Lightning Strikes
Aug 27 – Keith Stewart
In the history of Custom Connections, we have had three houses hit by lightning, where everything electrical in the house was destroyed except the home theater equipment connected to a power management system.

What the heck happened?
Aug 24 /10 – Bob Hetherington
Please designers and marketers, don’t focus completely on mobile devices and therefore limit our future to having fairly good products that do everything. We still want really good products that do specific tasks perfectly. Broadcasters (soon to be renamed Streamers) need to stay with the program too.

Backyard Movie Magic
Aug 24 /10 – Ooen Air Cinema
These new inflatable movie screens have theater-quality projection surfaces and are so easy to use it’s a no-brainer. They take about 30 seconds to inflate—secure them with the tethers and you’re good to go.

The Media Stream
Aug 12 /10 – HomeToys
New Feature – Stories and Reviews of Streaming Media Software and Hardware

Pre-Wire Your Home- Chapter 7: Proper Terminations
Aug 1 /10 – David Feller
This is the sixth installment of a multi-part series covering all aspects of low voltage wiring in the home: entertainment, security, automation, and future planning.

Google TV – Searching for Success
Aug 1 /10 – Kurt Scherf
For over a year now, Parks Associates has been categorizing all of the different solutions that are specially designed to bring Web content and applications to a “connected TV.” We put the term in quotes in this context because there will be different ways to experience connectivity between the Internet and the display other than an embedded solution.

Top 7 Things To Tell Your Customers About HDMI 1.4
Aug 1 /10 – Chris Bundy
Your TV, Cable Box, Blu-Ray Player, and Video Game Console can all pull rich content from the web directly through High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables.

Streaming Content – Why and How?
July 12/10 – Bob Hetherington
Here’s my advice if you want to dip your feet into this world. First go to Boxee and get the free download of their software and set it up on your computer. Spend some time playing with it and set it up as though you were streaming everything through your home entertainment system. Retro – TIVO
July 12/10 – Brandon Hetherington
We thought it would be fun to look back and see how we did over the last 14 years of publishing.. We will take a look at some of the early technologies we reviewed, predictions our writers made and all and all just take a trip down Home Technologies memory lane.

Hidden Wires – Audio from the Cloud
June 22/10 – Michael Stein
Consumers are growing accustomed to streaming vast amounts of music into their lives, with access to sources just about anywhere on the planet. This new thirst for music does not require stacks of discs, specialized equipment, miles of wire or complex installation.

Choosing the Right Mount to Maximize the 3D Experience
June 22/10 – Brian Eble
Without the right mount, viewing position, cabling and glasses, it’s virtually impossible to achieve the authentic, immersive experience most 3D enthusiasts desire. Ultimately, the 3D experience is only as good as the weakest link.

Trends, Series, Shows and Columns
Blu-Ray DVD Part 4: To Java or Not to Java
Aug 1 /10 – James Russo
Although Blu-Ray has yet to completely replace standard definition DVD’s, the format has gone from virtual obscurity to the most sought after home video format since VHS tapes first made their appearance.

Insider #144 – The Ancient Art of Computing
Aug 1 /10 – THE Insider
Today, two things seem to define who you are…your significant other and your computing device. One is (hopefully) permanent, the other changing.

Insider #145 – Content Overload
Aug 1 /10 – THE Insider
What We Need is a Storage Jedi. Oh come on…give us a break! Yottabytes, Yoda?

Insider #146 – Games Get Real
Aug 1 /10 – THE Insider
Historically, two “fringe” markets drove technology advances. One was – and still is – video gaming…if you can’t figure out the second, tough!

Content Insider #147 – Security
Aug 17 /10 – THE Insider
People continue to share too much personal information on locations such as Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, MySpace and similar locations around the globe.

Content Insider #148 – The iGen Gen X, Gen Y
Aug 27 /10 – THE Insider
NO…Doesn’t have a thing to do with “that” smartphone…or “that” store…or “that” tablet. It’s the next generation. Kids and we mean little kids. That’s what today’s products are being designed for/targeted at. You happen to buy one…fine.

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Sponsored Articles
A Keyless Entry Solution for Disabled People
Sept 13 – Axeze
Dean’s home is situated 30 minutes south of Perth in a quiet semi rural setting and within a cul de sac. His home has a large natural garden with pathways winding throughout this peaceful setting, which he is able to freely access with the independence provided by automatic door opening.

The End of Analog Video
Aug 1 /10 – Crestron
The AACS (Advanced Access Content System), the licensing authority that defines the content protection scheme for Blu-ray, has established December 31st, 2010 as the beginning of the “Analog Sunset”. The AACS Analog Sunset ensures that all new Blu-ray content is transmitted via HDMI with HDCP content protection between sources and displays.

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Project Showcases
San Mateo County Community College
Aug 24 /10 – Atlona Technologies
The Cosmetology Senior Lab source center caters to students. The project focused on setting up a complicated video distribution system involving several inputs of all sorts and outputting those in HD to 10 different displays.

The Penthouse Apartment
Aug 17/10 – AVD Australia
Towering over Sydney’s busy Darling Harbour is a state-of-the-art twostorey penthouse apartment with floor-to-ceiling glass windows which provide uninterrupted 360 degree views of the city and its environs.

Department of Neurological Surgery at UCSF
Aug 1 /10 – Atlona Technologies
Reliable conference rooms in companies are a crucial part of business. The importance of an elegant, classy, and innovated conference room can enhance presentations and meetings. This is a rapidly growing trend among all the top business all over the world. With the right advancement in technology these conference rooms are used to hold worldwide company meetings via videoconference.

Omni Commercial Controller Powers Full Integration at Penal Institution
Aug 1 /10 – HAI
The level of integration afforded by HAI’s commercial platform has made it possible for Katona’s clients to realize a higher level of integration at a price point that they would normally not be able to afford. As a bonus, the electronic security portion of the system provides the eyes and ears necessary to operate a successful BMS component while all the while providing excellent security against breakouts and break-ins.

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How the iPort is changing the face of Home Systems
Sept 3 – Buzz Delano, iPort
No industry or brand has ever grown without extending its reach to more people. iPad is a bridge to a larger market. It is making more people aware of the choice for an automated home and at a fractional price for the interface. That’s important as it opens up more customers to the dealers.

TV Lift Furniture
Sept 3 – Denzil Cintron, Cabinet Tronix
The demand for hiding the TV has grown enormously. With more and more high rises with incredible views, high demand for extra floor space and even for people with bad vision.

Home Security and Interactive Services
Aug 24/10 – Bill Diamond
Proprietary security panels will give way to IP centric gateways or controllers that run the security alarm manager as one of several or even many applications in the home or business.

Wireless Home Energy Control
Aug 17/10 – Shawn Grennan
Wireless automation provides the next of level of sophistication to HVAC zoning by increasing the number of controllable zones, automating energy efficient programming from a single location and providing connections through a secured wireless mesh to allow home owners to control the temperature in every room.

Outdoor Speaker Installation and Performance
Aug 1 /10 – Stephanie Scola
To truly get the same experience you get in the living room outdoors, it takes a bit more than toting a battery-powered iPod accessory out to the patio for your next cookout.

HomeRun Holdings Corp.
July 12/10 – Yan Rodriguez
Rather than having a dedicated media room, consumers will transform a family room between “living” and “entertainment”. Lift systems, window motorization, specialized furnishings, remote controls (IR blasters), audiovideo distribution, and automated lighting will benefit in these areas.

Media Decor
June 22/10 – Vanessa Sayen
Hiding technology is a rapidly growing trend. Architects and designers know this, AV installers should become involved in the process making it part of their expertise, offering a variety of solutions to their clients.

Screen Research USA
June 22/10 – Mike Barber
According to THX specifications, you would need to sit 5-7′ away from a 50″ flat panel to feel the same sense of immersion that you do at the cinema. No one is going to do that, but with a larger projection screen at home you can.

Management Articles
Publicity…Everything Changes But the Tool
Aug 27/10 – Andy Marken
When you want to be informed (or better yet when YOU want to inform) you think of the lowly, maligned press release. It’s not dead. It’s just that so few can do the darn thing right. Let’s look at the facts and do it right…

Partnerships Provide Power!
Aug 1 /10 – Leslie Stevens
Most audio/video integrators run very lean and have limited bandwidth in which to effectively manage their business… or in the very least, run their business as effectively as they’d like. Partnerships offer many ways to enhance your limited capabilities.

Startups…Being There at the Beginning
July 12/10 – Andy Marken
Before people enter the promising world of the startup, they need to understand the odds. There are lots of statistics available. The bottom line is that very few startups are successful. Many of them fail spectacularly. Those that are successful are not necessarily incredibly successful, but they mange to keep their heads above water.

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