Flat-screen TVs are changing home decor. The appeal of hanging a lightweight, ultra-thin LCD TV on the wall to regain floor space is irresistible and has dramatically expanded the role of the television in furnishing a room. No longer relegated to only the living room, flat-screen LCD TVs are becoming the “must have” accessory for the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, playrooms and even the kitchen.

The sleek, modern design of the Westinghouse Digital LCD TVs add a stylish touch to any room, but may not be the best option for the room’s motif. LCD TV Art Frames from Westinghouse offer the ideal design solution. Available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles, finishes and colors, the easy-to-install Art Frames enable consumers to add the perfect touch to any decor.

Hanging the TV on the wall begins with the selection of the wall mount. Westinghouse offers several options, including flush, tilt and extendable. Wall mounts enable consumers to tilt or rotate the TV, or pull it away from the wall in order to ensure clear, comfortable viewing of the screen from anywhere in the room. Westinghouse LCD TVs can be hung on the wall studs, drywall, or gypsum board.

The Art Frame requires no tools at all to install. The frame simply snaps onto the 30-inch LCD TV, and is easily removed for cleaning purposes. The Art Frames also include an acoustical mat, which does not muffle the sound from the television speakers or interfere with the remote control signal.

Hanging televisions on the wall is a cultural phenomenon that continues to expand, as consumers increasingly desire transformation of their living space as well as of their entertainment experience. Entertainment is transformed by all of the options available through the LCD TV platform, whether it be surfing the Internet, reading email, playing video games, or watching movies, or cable, satellite or broadcast television. Home decor is transformed by the Art Frames, as the television now adds a stylish touch to any room in the house.