New developments in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own take on architecture and modern living. Located in what is being hailed as the most exclusive square kilometre in the world – The Old Town, the Burj Dubai Development offers elegant Arabian architecture in a unique and modern setting.
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One family decided to relocate to this urban luxury lifestyle living and commissioned SoundsME LLC to integrate a state-of-the-art high end audio and home cinema system into their elegantly designed surroundings.

The project took three months to finalise, from the initial planning meetings to the final result. The plan for the home was created by meeting on a regular basis to discuss design ideas and view examples of past work to reference aesthetics. These meetings were the key to success because the installer and the client were able to work through most of the potential problems before they could occur. The ideas from the design meetings were placed in architectural prints and used for installation during pre-wire and trim-out. Everything was planned and designed with the client and their home as the main focus from the start.

Family, work and entertainment were important fundamentals for this client. Today homes are no longer being designed as just a place to rest our heads – instead, they incorporate space for all the things we love to do. So it’s not surprising that home automation, sound systems and home theatre were placed at the top of the design wish-lists for this client. The family’s love of music and home cinema was paramount to the final solution that had to include a state of the art sound and home cinema system. SoundsME LLC, Dubai based distributors of Danish loudspeaker manufacturers Artcoustic ensured that the interior of the home would be provided with a high-end audio and home cinema system that would complement the interior and introduced the family to Artcoustic’s range of products. They were immediately impressed by the sonic performance and design and commissioned the installer to provide a final specification for the system throughout the entire house. The key selling point to the clients was the fact that the Artcoustic speakers would be unobtrusive to the interior but would provide top sound.

Because this was a new residential development and the apartment was still in its final stages of completion it was important that the installer maintain constant collaboration with the general contractors to ensure that the building construction met AV and lighting needs.

As we all are aware a number of projects such as these have suffered greatly because electronic systems were installed after the general contractor completed its work. For this project, SoundsME LLC showed what can happen when builder and integrator get on the same page early on. The biggest challenge on this project was getting all the information to the builder. But because the installer had been contracted ahead of time, they had the opportunity to talk to the general contractor and tell him what they wanted to do. The whole thing came down to project management.

A huge challenge for this project was to blend technology with interior décor and the installer agreed that the client’s needs were the top priority and worked diligently to provide the optimal solution. The installer’s understanding of the importance of state of the art high-end technology meant that Artcoustic was the perfect choice. Rarely are the demands of technology and interior design so masterfully blended as in this apartment. The result is an Artcoustic audio and home cinema system solution that provides perfectly melded and intertwining flow of sound and design with every aspect custom tailored to the tastes and lifestyle of the customer.

The homeowners placed a high value on music and entertainment. Although they have a dedicated home theatre room, they chose to have their main system in the living area, which is where they do the majority of their entertaining. The spacious living room features Artcoustic’s large but sleek and powerful DFF180-43 X2 speakers with carefully chosen screens from the Artcoustic Getty Images Archive. The left and right speakers are mounted along with a Medialine 55″ plasma screen. There’s no centre channel, which would normally be placed beneath the plasma screen, because the DFF180-43 X2 speakers create a phantom centre channel. The phantom mode works well with the Artcoustic speakers because of the particular dispersion pattern. The speakers each include four 10-inch subwoofers so no additional subwoofer is needed. The DFF180-43 X2 speakers are powered by an Artcoustic PA 1800 3- channel 1800 watt amplifier. The rear speakers used to complete the dynamic surround sound include Artcoustic Diablo Monitors concealed discreetly behind the crème colored suede sofa. All media is played off of an Archos 704 Media Player which is connected to a 1 terra byte hard drive. The system also includes a Dolby Digital Processer (Ditton 5.1) as well as 1 Artcoustic Octo IR Repeater Kit. All hi-fi and home cinema equipment are stored in contemporary Artcoustic Linax Duo AV Storage Cabinets, creating a sleek interior. The open back allows for airflow to keep the equipment cool. The living room audio and home cinema system is built into the custom finished Artcoustic Media Wall section, setting the tone for the installation. The system provides power in sound but looks stylish and sleek taking up minimal space. The greatest demands and attention were made by this audio and home cinema system creating a luxurious designed room with traditional Arabic touches in a contemporary décor; this is a very impressive space.

The apartment includes a vast terrace and garden that is used for outdoor lounging, entertaining and dining as the outdoor space is designed as an extension of the indoor living area. The terrace is elegantly laid out with tiles imported from Saudi Arabia, Moroccan lamps, mosaic tables and lounge cabanas that include modern yet comfortable sofas and colourful cushions. Outdoor sound includes the discreet multi-purpose Artcoustic Diablo Target Speakers cabled by Monster Cables. These on-wall configurations are fully waterproof for outdoor use, extremely versatile and can be used as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and distribute sound evenly.

Soon to be released outside of the Middle East, these speakers feature a one rippled dome tweeter that produces consistent, uniform high frequency performance and ensure you don’t have to compromise your décor to achieve great sound quality. The family uses an Archos 704 Media player with this outdoor full surround sound system.

This type of high end audio technology project is becoming the norm in Dubai. System Integration and AV Installers are learning that now customers are demanding that their interiors be designed correctly from start to finish, including the AV systems. Therefore, it is paramount they work together to achieve these demands by blending cutting edge technology and interior design,

The system is used and enjoyed on a daily basis by all of the family. In the mornings their 2- year old daughter can start the day with her morning cartoons and the parents can listen to their favourite music and watch their favourite movies on one of the best audio and home cinema systems in the world.
About Artcoustic

Founded in 1998, Artcoustic is world renowned for its range of high-end performance wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens that allows one to choose from a vast array of fabrics and decorative prints to suit the interior. Visit their website for a distributor nearest you: