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Apr / May 11

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Superior Digital Video Images through Multi‐Dimensional Color Tables
Apr 1 – Entertainment Experience
The recent color improvements in televisions and video projectors, the desire to enjoy entertainment media on smaller, lower quality devices and the static digital color standards have created a unique need for new video color processing technology.

Home Security System Installation and considerations – Part 2 of 2
Apr 1 – David Feller, BOCS Company
How to choose a DVR? It is the same process as choosing any other piece of equipment, a combination of feature tradeoff with cost.

Powering – Protecting and Connecting Today’s Converged* Home Networks
Apr 1 – Jim Pelegris, Richard Grays Power Company
Our commitment to Total System Performance and Reliability, coupled with the realization that today’s AV systems are no longer “Isolated Islands” but rather constantly connected and sharing the converged* Network with other equipment and systems, has fueled our entry in the Communications Network Surge Protection and Connectivity.

Projectors: Bigger, Smaller, Brighter, and Cooler Than Ever
Apr 1 – Jon Grodem, OptomaTechnology, Inc.
Just because televisions are getting larger and cheaper doesn’t mean projectors are going the way of the 8-track player. On the contrary, there are more reasons than ever why projectors are growing in popularity.

EHX 2011 Tradeshow Report
Apr 1 – HomeToys
This year EHX took place from March 17 – 19 in Orlando Florida. As usual EHX had exhibitors from a broad range of AV companies.

Home Security System Installation and considerations – Part 1 of 2
Mar 9 – David Feller, BOCS Company
Why install a surveillance system anyway? Obviously this is a personal matter whereby you are balancing intruder detection, identification, general property surveillance, and more importantly some way to make you feel safer in your own home or business.

MOCA + BOXEE = Home Networked Entertainment
Mar 9 – Entropic Communications
The MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax adapter is a single-unit solution that enhances the entertainment value of all connected electronics in the network and the overall viewing experience of the consumer.

What “Cloud Computing” Could Mean to Consumers
Mar 9 – Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates
Online solutions will not reduce the need for robust storage in the home over the next five years, but it could eventually bring forth the long-anticipated arrival of “thin client” computing, where devices don’t have to rely on large amounts of storage and processing.

The first Thai-developed digital embedded network is here
Mar 9 – Anne Selene for Misolima
DOLLx8 version 3.18 is faster and better than ever before, running a faster processor than the previous DOLLx8 version. And as expected, it comes with more functions, which also includes a complete alarm system aimed for GSM or Internet.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems
Feb 22 – Leonardo ENERGY
A key aspect of outdoor entertainment systems is the wiring that is required for both power and audio distribution. Outdoor wiring requires a better quality of wire coating and insulation than indoor wiring. Typically, outdoor wiring is run through conduit, either rigid PVC or metal conduit.

Redefining the Residential and Commercial Integrator
Feb 22 – Jeff Singer, Crestron
If you’re used to working with homeowners in the residential market, you will find that the expectations of commercial clients are very different and require you to learn new skill sets. Some dealers think a commercial project consists of a single classroom or conference room, but more often clients are expecting to integrate entire commercial buildings, state-wide campuses and global enterprises.

Automating Your Home with UPB
Feb 11 – CocoonTech
A few weeks ago, I was preparing to order a bunch of switches for my house, and was trying to decide the best way to go. I had 8 switches in my last house that were Simply-Automated, so I wanted to stick with those for consistent look/feel.

“The HTPC is Dead” — Not!
Feb 7 – Tom Abell
If you ask me, the HTPC is perfectly positioned for the wave of public awareness coming towards the Connected Home. Instead of removing an option for people, why not leave the HTPC in its current position as the high-end solution for integrating your Home Theater not only with the world’s content, but also with the rest of the house as well!

Coolest Looking Speaker Design
Closed to entriies now so it’s time to vote for your favorite.

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Home Automation Networks
Mar 9 – Dennis McCain, Murata Wireless Solutions
The Home Area Network has different meanings depending on the context. In the context of Home Automation, it is the wireless connectivity to enable security and convenience in the home and includes wireless home security, lighting control, HVAC control, and home entertainment control.

Video Mount Industry
Apr 1 – Tony Pelura, Video Mount Products
Equipment racks are still in demand, and we expect them to continue to be popular. In the past, equipment racks used to be thought of in terms of being used solely in server rooms or within hotel and restaurant equipment rooms.

Water and Freeze Damage Prevention System
Apr 1 – Stella Szasz. FortrezZ
The FotrezZ Water and Freeze Damage prevention system prevents the damage before it happens! Most of our customers are buying water and freeze damage prevention system AFTER they had water damage!

Amulet – Voice recognition and control applications within the Connected Home
Mar 1 – Tom Abell
The Amulet Remote is another example of the increasing trend of interacting with your TV, Home Theater, and even Home, not just by giving commands…but by receiving answers in return as well. Amulet is creating the sense of absolute control…by using our voices.

RedEye: Control for the Whole Family
Feb 22 – ThinkFlood
Anyone in your house with an iPhone, iPad, iPad touch or computer can control your home theater. RedEye connects simultaneously to multiple iPhone, iPad or iPad touch devices – separately or all at once.

LOREX LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor
Feb 11 – Brandon Hetherington
While this may not be the typical product for discussion on HomeToys.com, I think the technology and application is completely relevant. If you think about it, a Video baby monitor may be a young couple’s first introduction into the world of Home Automation and Home Security. So a positive experience with this simple device could open the doors for the masses into the Home Technology world.
Trends, Series, Shows and Columns

Classic Home Toys #26
Whatever Happened to RSS?
Apr 1 – James Russo
Only a couple of years after the adoption of the familiar orange and white icon for RSS feeds, social networking sites such as Facebook, my Space, and Twitter began to grow in popularity.

Content Insider #170 – Usage Trends
Apr 1 – THE Insider
Good thing is all that data, content you’re creating doesn’t make the things weigh any more except when you have to get a few external hard drives to carry it all.

Content Insider #171 — The Game Is On
Apr 1 – THE Insider
Times have changed but the attraction of games hasn’t. The games are more realistic, more immersive and more valuable. Serious men, women, boys, girls play them…serious men, women develop them…seriously there’s a new breed of casual games !!!!

Content Insider # 172 — Marketing You Don’t Manage
Apr 1 – THE Insider
WOM Conversations – Add the offline word-of-mouth (face-to-face and phone) and you have 92% of the conversations taking place outside a company’s sphere of influence. Perhaps that’s why quality of product and quality of service/support are of major concern.

Project Showcases

Undersea View from St Louis
Feb 22 – Integration Controls
Our client sought to enjoy a similar experience from a local boutique-style movie theater inside his home on somewhat of a limited budget and with keen aesthetic concerns. He wanted to be immersed in the movie, which required a performance level, both sonically and visually, that pleased the musicians ears with as much detail that would be placed in the mural itself.

The Energy Efficient Residence – Australia
Feb 11 – AVD Australia
Two major systems were chosen, AMX as the over-all control system because it brought the best customisation of graphics and flexible control capabilities to the home and Dynalite because it not only controlled all the different types of lighting throughout the home but allowed the connection of inputs and outputs to the environmental monitoring hardware
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