Apple’s AirPort Express and Keyspan’s Express Remote make it easy for any PC or Mac to be the hub of a wireless music system. This article introduces you to each component of the solution and explains how they can be combined with your computer to easily create a wireless music solution in your house!

What You Need

The server for your wireless music system will be iTunes running on a PC (XP or Win2K) or Mac (running Mac OS X 10.3). If you do not already have iTunes, download it for free from the Apple web site (

Next you need a way for your computer to talk over AirPort. This can be accomplished by adding an AirPort-compatible card to your computer, or by placing an AirPort Extreme base station on your network.

In the room where you plan to listen to music, you?ll place AirPort Express. AirPort Express ( was released earlier this year to rave reviews. AirPort Express, the world?s first 802.11g mobile base station, contains a USB port as well as an audio output that can be connected to a home stereo.

Finally, in the palm of your hand will be an Express Remote. The Keyspan Express Remote ( is a sleek infrared remote that is designed to control audio and video applications on a PC or Mac.

Creating a Wireless Music System

Start in the room where your stereo is located. Plug AirPort Express into an electrical outlet near your stereo. Use an RCA cable to connect an ?audio in? jack on your stereo to the AirPort Express ?audio out? jack. Finally, connect the Express Remote receiver to the USB port on AirPort Express.

Next move to the room where your computer is located. Install iTunes and the AirPort Express Assistant software on your desktop or laptop. The software automatically indicates what devices you have connected and it walks you through the rest with simple onscreen instructions. Once installation is complete — launch iTunes, choose your preferred playlist, and select your stereo speakers in the popup list that appears at the bottom of the iTunes screen.

It?s time to listen to music! Return to the room where you set up AirPort Express. Using the Express Remote, you can easily send common commands to iTunes including play, pause, stop, pause, mute, volume up/down, next track, previous track, etc.

How to Buy

AirPort Express retails for $129 and is available now at Apple retail stores as well as from other leading resellers of computer accessories.

The Keyspan Express Remote retails for $59 and is available now at Apple retail stores as well as from CDW, PC Connection and other leading resellers of computer accessories.

About Keyspan
Keyspan products provide ?Connections for Your Computer.? The company?s first products provided serial ports for connecting to traditional computer peripherals such as modems, printers and graphics tablets. Over time, Keyspan has expanded its horizons, connecting the PC and Macintosh to other items found in the home, school and office. Keyspan products are available to resellers via Ingram and to consumers through leading catalogs and online resellers. The Keyspan website is located at

NPD Distributor Hardware Accessory Report reports that Keyspan is the top selling brand of USB connectivity products for the last three years. Keyspan?s cards, hubs, and adapters offer reliable connectivity solutions for the home, school, and office.