1. How can your Anterus RFID solution help improve the lives of homeowners and/or dealers?

To locate assets such as portable AV devices or people

For security – to ensure assets don’t leave a residence. Notifications can be setup via RMS to provide alerts when assets leave/enter specified areas

For personnel actions – e.g. to adjust room environments or content to the customized preferences of an individual

2. Can you explain the components of the Anterus RFID solution?

Anterus is an RFID solution that uses RMS to create a real time location system (RTLS). It has three components 1) RFID readers, 2) RFID tags, and 3) RMS software to provide reporting on tag location

RFID tags are available in several form factors; device tags, and personnel tags.

Readers can receive tag information within a 100 ft/30 meter radius. Walls and other structures may reduce these distances. RFID readers have an AxLink Phoenix connector (includes power), and can be placed up to 3,000 feet from an AMX controller.

3. How does it track equipment, and for that matter, people?

Tags transmit a beacon periodically which is received by the reader. The reader sends data on all received tags (ID’s, signal strength, and battery life) to the NetLinx master.

4. Can you explain how it works with your Resource Management Suite (RMS) solution?

RMS collects information on what tags/badges a reader senses and uses this information to take actions such as: 1) Sending an alert if a piece of equipment is not where it should be 2) Adjusting lights, blinds, HVAC, music or other environmental settings

5. What else can RMS do?

Integrates with RMS or as a stand-alone solution with NetLinx masters, but most users are expected to use RMS because it also provides alerts and reporting.

6. How can this AMX solution provide true security and automation for a residential application?

No one else in the AV market is offering an RFID product – AMX now offers physical as well as logical control – integrated into our control systems.

7. What other applications do you see over the next few years?

Secure perimeter access integrated with Active RFID and integrated tactile buttons for immediate control functions.

8. Moving forward … do you see Home Security as a growing or shrinking segment of the Home Technology industry?

Definitely growing as security systems and locking systems become tightly integrated into the control and automation systems.

Bio PicDoug Hall has 30 years experience in the Audio Visual industry in the following areas: Five years Product Management for software and hardware including asset management, scheduling, and monitoring, RFID, camera control systems, and programmable lighting. Programming for AMX NetLinx systems, audio visual systems design and installation, studio, broadcast, and live sound mixing. He is currently a senior Product Manager at AMX.