This has been said over and over, and it shall be said again: the times are changing. The turn of the century has paved way to the introduction of new things. Gadgets and devices have seized the commercial world—at first gradually, then disruptively later on. Things that were once just part of science fiction are now becoming a common reality. And this is true not only for the rich and tech-savvy but also for the regular people who understand the importance of today’s technology.

One of the concepts that shook the market when it was first introduced is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a trend that you probably experienced before you learned its name. It is the use of sensors and microchips to allow simple devices and appliances to connect to a network. This innovation makes it possible for your coffee maker to brew your coffee while you’re lying in bed. It’s the same concept that lets your washing machine alert your smartphone when your laundry is ready to be put in the dryer. It’s what automatically locks your doors and gates when you’re out of the house. You may know this concept for its colloquial name: smart home.

And it’s true—the Internet of Things really makes your home smart. It gives everyday appliances the power to move and work on their own, without being manually operated. It’s so efficient and convenient that a lot of people are now jumping into the bandwagon to adopt this 21st-century wonder. In fact, analysts have projected the number of IoT-enabled devices to reach between 26 billion and 30 billion by 2020. It’s only a matter of time before smart homes become the standard of everyday living.

Home automation and why you need it


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Look around you. Count the objects inside your house that work with a remote or a sensor. Is it just the TV? Now, think of all the other appliances that you wish were easier to handle. What other things would you want to control with just one tap of a finger? The lights? The refrigerator? The security cameras? With a home automation system, you can achieve all that and more.

Convenience, home security, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, time value, and confidence—these are what you can expect out of a fully automated building. If you’re still on the fence about home automation, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should start making the smart choice now.

  1. Everything is easier if you live in the now

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Imagine this. You’re sitting in the office at 4 p.m., with your laptop in front of you. With just a few clicks, you feed your pets at home with a predetermined amount of food. At 6 p.m., you arrive at your house and use voice commands to open your garage door. Then, while eating dinner with your family, you set the air conditioner to regulate the temperature inside the bedroom, and you do this with one tap on your smartphone. Sounds neat? This will more or less be your everyday scenario once you start living in an automated building. You’ll experience modern comforts that will make your life easier, more comfortable, and more gratifying.


  1. Speed doesn’t always define the game

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One of the key factors that determine the success of any technological advancement is speed. But in the case of building automation, it’s not always a necessity and it’s definitely not a top priority. Speed is only critical in industrial applications. Surely, you don’t compare the speed of your rice cooker to the speed of your Internet. Home automation systems are fast enough the way they are. Although you have the choice to do so, you don’t need to spend a lot to upgrade your automation system to a faster one.


  1. Security should be your top concern

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If there is one reason why you should automate your home, it’s the fact that automated building security is unparalleled in many ways. Just think about it. Motion sensors, alarm systems, and high-quality CCTV cameras are more efficient and accurate than security guards and vigilant neighbors. This is one of the examples where machine beats man. And this isn’t only about security devices. What if you leave home and an electrical appliance is still on? What if you forget to lock the front door? These can pose safety hazards, too. But with an automated system, you can turn off a curling iron and lock the front door even when you’re miles away from home.


  1. Do Earth a favor and save energy

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Suitable smart homes allow you to control your energy use. You get to automate your home appliances so you only consume the exact amount of energy you need. For instance, a lighting control system by itself can reduce your monthly power consumption by as much as 40%. In the same way, fan energy can contribute to as much as 15% decrease in your annual bill. That’s a big help to the environment. Imagine how great a positive impact home automation can have on Mother Earth if every home adopts it.

  1. Each cent matters in the long run

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Because you’re saving energy, it follows that you’re also saving a few bucks when your house is automated. The deductions in your monthly bills may not be huge, but they surely count in the long run. In case you don’t realize, home automation gives you complete control of your house with just one click on the device of your choice, and this is possible wherever you are in the world. And here’s the best part—while you’re safely, comfortably, and confidently monitoring your house, you’re also saving money that would otherwise be wasted on unnecessary energy consumption.


  1. Time is too precious to be wasted

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Compare your lifestyle now to 10 years ago. Do you notice any difference? Everything seems to be more fast-paced now than ever before. Productivity is increasingly becoming a crucial factor of success, and time is an indispensable element that you can’t take for granted anymore. This is why automation is so helpful in optimizing mundane chores and errands that will otherwise take up a big portion of your day. By automating small, everyday tasks, you can allot more time for bigger, more important tasks.


  1. Peace of mind is the greatest gift of all

Hopefully, you now understand how important smart home security is. By automating your home, you are essentially lifting a huge load off your shoulders. Life can be stressful if you dwell too much on inconsequential things. If you live in an automated home, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety while you’re away. You don’t need to think too much about the happenings at home because you can see what’s going on inside in real time. You get to control how things work through your smartphone, tablet or computer. In other words, everything is right at your fingertips. There’s little room for worry or doubt so you can easily set your mind at peace.

The future of home automation holds many wonders. The Internet of Things is not merely a passing trend that will go away anytime soon. It has completely changed the course of human life in terms of convenience, security, and comfort. There’s no other way to go but forward. In time, there will be a rise in the number of smart homes, smart cities, smart countries, and ultimately, one smart world.