Most current generation thermostats are installed & the intelligence & data is on the device itself.  Companies are rapidly launching smart thermostats to be not left behind.  Honeywell the incumbent leader has a Smart Wifi thermostat & there is a smart thermostat from Nest, the fast emerging leader in the connected home space. However, challenging these leaders are three startups with different approaches to use your thermostat to save you money.




An MIT originated startup founded by Dipul Patel had more than $1M In sales in the past 12 months. Boston Business Journal covered their growth & growing ambitions & move to a new headquarters. They raised $9.7M over three rounds & investors including Blue Fog Capital, Emerson Climate Technologies & Stewart Alsop

Here is Ecovent’s Value proposition in their own words:

Most homes have only one thermostat, so they operate like a house with only one light switch. Everything is either all on or off. That leaves some rooms boiling hot while others are freezing cold. It also leads to heating and cooling empty rooms. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s inefficient.

Ecovent fixes that for the over 200 million Americans with forced air heating and cooling systems. We’ve built a system of wireless vents and sensors which enables homeowners to: (i) Get room-by-room temperature control, (b) save energy by automatically directing airflow to the rooms that need it most, (c) choose custom temperature levels for different floors, rooms, or times of day, (d) control home heating and cooling anywhere from a mobile phone, tablet or web app and (e) install the whole system hours without special tools or invasive construction.



ecobee, Inc. delivers energy conservation solutions. The company offers ecobee Smart Thermostat, a digital programmable thermostat that helps in customizing temperature settings. The thermostat connects the clients to their WiFi, and gives them remote access to the thermostat settings from any computer and helps in energy conservation. Its products are used in single family homes, multi-family dwellings, and offices. Ecobee has raised $16M over three rounds.



Netatmo is a Paris-based Internet of Things startup which makes personal weather station and air quality sensor devices for use with Android and iOS apps. They have raised more $5.8M from 4 investors. Here is an excerpt from a review about Netatmo:

The Netatmo thermostat lets you set a different schedule for each day of the week, with no limit on the number of heating periods. It's possible to create, name and save different schedules and switch between them, so you could for example have a 'normal' schedule and 'off school' for half terms and holidays when you might want a different heating schedule.


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