I know it's early to be whining about another year gone by — but it seems everybody is off enjoying the holiday and I decided to put together an article for this issue — so here are some of my favorite articles from 2014 that I think tell a bit of a story as to where the industry has been and where it will go next.

Lets start back in January when CES 2014 hit the streets. By the way — don't ya hate that they hold this show so soon after Xmas and New Years?

Anyway — here is some of the coverage we did for the show — mostly talking about tons of products that were introduced at that time.

The HomeToys CES 2014 Tradeshow Report
01/15/14, Brandon Hetherington, HomeToys
For well over a decade HomeToys.com has been covering CES and sifting through all the news pages and product announcements to bring you a neatly compiled list of some of the new and interesting products we think are important to the Home Technology and AV Systems industry.

It’s a Wrap!

01/15/14, Len Calderone for, HomeToys

The 2014 CES show was attended by 155,000 visitors, who spent $195 million to get a glimpse of what consumers can expect to see on the market.

Also in the same issue a few articles touched on some important new develpments and markets:

Connected Health: A Growing Market
12/30/13, Contributed by, Parks Associates
Connected Health Opportunities for Service Providers

36 Million Homes In Europe And North America Will Be Smart By 2017
12/13/13, Ulrica Wahlén, Berg Insight
Traditional whole-home solution vendors such as Crestron, Control4, Gira and Jung are facing new competition as telecom operators, security service providers, energy companies and other vendors are entering the industrye

Moving into February and March we featured more interesting technology discussions:

Beyond The Cable: 4K Sets the Stage for Tomorrow’s Entertainment Opportunities
01/31/14, Aaron Taylor, NanoTech Entertainment
With cable companies losing their grip on the TV set viewing public and the growing use of streaming media solutions for 4K UHD TV sets and content owners the blowback has all but disappeared.

Google Bought Nest to Catch Up in the Contextual O/S Race
01/31/14, Therese Sullivan, Building Context
The fledgling home automation market is only a qualifying event for Google vs. Apple.

We'll see about that one but as we move on here are a few more noteworthy concepts:

ExtremeUSB®: An overview of this patented USB extension technology.
03/27/14, Glenn Antonelli, Icron Technologies
As versatile as USB may be, it is restricted to an operational distance limitation of 5 meters for USB 1.1/2.0 and approximately 3 meters for USB 3.0. This persistent drawback to USB functionality was resolved by the introduction of ExtremeUSB®.

Lock Your Android Up Like Fort Knox

04/30/14, Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy

Unlike iTunes, the Android marketplace is an open store. That means any developer can put up any application for download.

HDMI 2.0 – Ready or Not, Here it Comes
04/30/14, Christine Park, PureLink
What You Should Know Before Taking a Step Too Far, Too Soon

Next Generation Smart Miniature Wi-Fi Modules Accelerate IoT and M2M 

05/15/14, Nikos Vokas, Econais

Low-power, low-cost Wi-Fi modules enable nearly any device to connect with smart phones, tablets and cloud-based applications across The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).

Then along comes InfoComm — a chance to introduce more products and concepts for the commercial buyer.

It's June, Therefore It's InfoComm
06/17/14, Len Calderone for, AVSystemsMag
With over 10,000 products, you will need to plan each and every day to target the products that fall into your specialty or interest

InfoComm 2014 – Tradeshow Report
06/17/14, Brandon Hetherington, HomeToys.com
For well over a decade HomeToys.com has been covering InfoComm and bringing all the industry news and exciting new products to our eMagazine to help our readers make sense of the massive event. Here we have compiled a list of some new product releases from this years show.

And then we introduced a new section about Crowd Funding – which is turning out to be a boon to the industry for those small startups who just couldn't get the angels to give them a wing up.

Three Current Hometoys Related Kickstarters And One Funded Product Available Now
08/01/14, L. Hetherington, Hometoys
Crowdfunding is the future and we thought you might like to see a few recent products.

And then of course — CEDIA 2014 — probably the most important show for the industry.

CEDIA Will Be Here Before You Know It
09/08/14, Len Calderone for, HomeToys
CEDIA EXPO 2014 where you can see change. You will be able to touch, and be transformed by the products and trends driving the residential market. There will be a wealth of new ideas and products, and you should be there.

CEDIA 2014 – Tradeshow Report
09/11/14, Brandon Hetherington for, HomeToys.com
CEDIA 2014, this years show used the slogan "Hyper-Change" to signify the ongoing evolution of the residential AV market and promises to showcase "New Products, New Innovations and New Demands." As usual HomeToys.com was on hand to see what was what at this years show. Below is a list of some of the new products featured at CEDIA 2014.

CEDIA 2014 – Special News Report
09/08/14, Prepared by, HomeToys
Here are all the press releases that we have published for the show — and you can still submit your show news if you haven't done that already.

And on we go into more technology and developments — like this thing the call IoT

Islands of Things (IoT)

10/13/14, Eric Ryherd, Express Controls

Today’s IoT reality is that we’ve got an enormous and rapidly growing number of Things being connected to the Internet, but very few of them talk to each other.

And then of course — right back to where we started way back in the day:

After The Smart Phone: The Smart Home
10/31/14, Cees Link, GreenPeak Technologies 
A new decade is starting, where Smart Home is becoming a reality and the smart phone will become the dashboard of our Smart Home, together functioning as the drivers of the next technology curve – as the first chapter of the real Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything.

Hope you find some of these article useful and enjoy the walk down memory lane. Meanwhile I'll soon be a whole year older as will HomeToys (est 1996). We're both older than dirt — and Google. Dis internet thingy seems ta be catchin on!