10 Ways an Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern home, and Ecobee is one of the leading brands in this industry. Their newest product, Ecobee4, lives up to all the hype that was started by the Ecobee3 before it, and adds even more value to that model with its voice-enabled Amazon Alexa feature that makes it possible for homeowners to save both time, energy, and money while going about everyday tasks.


Program A Daily Schedule

One of the standout features of a smart thermostat is its ability to let you set a premade daily schedule. You’re given two different schedule settings: Activities and Comfort settings, which function in two very different ways. The first feature, Activities, allows you to program a heating and cooling routine that specifically matches your day-to-day schedule. Comfort settings are a bit more general, however, in the sense that it lets you set the temperature you prefer.


Utilize the Weather Impact Feature

Ecobee’s Weather Impact feature is powered by an algorithm that allows your Ecobee to determine the temperature outside and its effect on your indoor temperature. By analyzing these changes, Ecobee is able to make smarter decisions when it comes to running your home’s heating and cooling system. That means putting an end to running your home’s HVAC system unnecessarily. You’re even able to manually check these analytics on the app or Web Portal.


Use the Mobile app

With the mobile app, you’re able to control your home HVAC system from the palm of your hands, giving you even more control over your comfort at home and your savings. It allows you to customize your settings when you’re on the go – saving you money with just the touch of a button.


Get Alerts From Alexa

With Amazon’s recent integration with Ecobee4, you’re now able to use Alexa’s voice activated response to query for answers, set reminders, or even order pizza. It’s the first step to building a smart home of your own!


Tip: Use Alexa to set monthly reminders to change your air filters or schedule regular HVAC maintenance.


Turn On Smart Home/Away

Ecobee4 is equipped with remote sensors that allow it to sense when the home is occupied and when it’s not. By enabling the Smart Home/Away feature, you’ll be able to override your schedule depending on occupancy, meaning that it will run if it detects motion, even on scheduled Away periods, and will stay off during a Scheduled Home period if it doesn’t detect any motion, keeping you and your wallet comfortable whether you’re home or away.


Room Sensor Position

For your remote sensors to work properly, they need to be placed in the optimal conditions. This should be in high traffic areas, about 5 feet from the ground, away from windows, vents, and any other place where it would come into contact with a direct heat source or sunlight. This is important to your system’s accuracy, as an accurate reading of a room determines how much heating or cooling goes into it. With more accurate readings, your Ecobee can effectively regulate your HVAC system.


Enable Smart Recovery

The Ecobee4 comes with a Smart Recovery feature that allows it to learn your home stats. It’s able to learn things like what time of the day the temperature in your home is the most extreme, how long it takes for your home to get to its desired temperature, and what rooms are the hottest at any given time.


Set Up A Vacation Schedule

The Ecobee4 even has a handy feature for those planning for a vacation! The Ecobee4 Vacation Schedule lets you override the current daily schedule that you might already have in place, without having to delete or reset your daily schedule. This ensures that when you get back from your vacation, your house is just as cozy as when you left it.


Set Fan’s Minimum Run Time

Your fan’s run time determines how much air is circulated throughout your home, which helps even out the temperature around the house. More even temperatures means less of a need for Ecobee4 to start and stop your HVAC system- saving you energy and money in the process.


Enable Access Control

If you have kids or share a living space with roommates, you likely already know what it’s like to set the temperature one minute, only to come back to it twenty degrees higher five minutes later. Air conditioning wars are a real thing. Fortunately, they can also be avoided. Using the Ecobee’s access control, you, the owner, will be able to set locks with password access that controls the temperature and other settings.

Smart thermostats are great for regulating your home’s temperature autonomously. Regardless of whether you’re at home or not, you’ll have full access and control over the thermostat in your home, making it much less likely that you’ll waste energy and money by running your HVAC system when no one is there to enjoy it. If you still unsure if an Ecobee4 is right for your home, be sure to contact a qualified Ecobee contractor for more information.