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Upcoming Tradeshow, Conference & Exhibition Summary
April, May, June 2015

03/16/15, Brandon Hetherington for, AVSystemsMag
Here is a summary of what Tradeshows, Conferences & Exhibitions to look forward to in the coming months.

Best in Texas: Trolls Love Vague Patents, Friendly Courts
03/16/15, THE Insider
Patent trolls aren't ugly things. Nope they're just good ol boys who know where the best house is in Texas and just go back again and again and...

Smart Home Interview - Simply Automated
03/16/15, Millard Schewe, Simply Automated
Any products that can output an RS-232 serial string can utilize UPB devices. In fact there is a software tool, the “UPB Command Wizard”, to help write UPB serial strings (i.e. drivers).

Smart Home Interview - Insteon
03/16/15, Contributed by, Insteon
Insteon uses a dual-band signal, or mesh network, which communicates to devices simultaneously via radio waves and a home’s existing electrical wiring.

Smart Home Interview - Neurio
03/16/15, Contributed by, Neurio
Once the Neurio Sensor is installed on an electrical panel, it sends the data via WiFi to the secure cloud where the smart algorithms identify the unique power pattern by each device in real-time to tell whether a specific appliance is in use or off, and how much energy it consumes.

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AV and Automation Industry Stories of the Day

Logitech's Harmony smart home hub adds voice controls through Ubi and Ivee

Submitted on: 03/26/15, 03:20 PM

From Jared Newman for TechHive:  Logitech is continuing its quest to control your entire smart home by linking up with a couple of voice-activated computers.
If you own one of Logitech’s Home Hubs, you can now control all your connected home devices by voice with either a wall-mounted Ubi computer or an Ivee smart alarm clock. Both devices connect to Logitech’s Hub through Wi-Fi, delivering commands that would otherwise require Logitech’s Harmony remote control or mobile app.
Ubi and Ivee can already control a fair number of smart home products on their own, but Logitech’s big pitch its ability to string multiple commands into “Harmony Activities.” For example, you could tell Ubi to “watch a movie” and have the TV and sound system turn on, while dimming your Philips Hue connected lightbulbs. Or, you could tell Ivee to make sure your smart lock is engaged and all the lights are off as you get into bed.

Luxurious small smart homes by Tiny Heirloom
Submitted on: 03/24/15, 03:10 PM
From Kimberley Mok for TreeHugger:  Much like how camping can come in a a more luxurious, "glamping" version, so too can tiny homes come

How your car will help control your home
Submitted on: 03/23/15, 05:47 AM
Patrick Nelson for NetworkWorld:  AT&T is one company that is planning on consumers being able to control elements of t

Zenno Voice Controlled Home Automation System Unveiled
Submitted on: 03/20/15, 05:29 AM
Zenno has created and launched a new home automation and control system that has been designed to offer a simple voice controls to manage your home entertainment systems and electronic devices around your home.   Using your smartpho

Z-Wave Alliance Launches IoT Competition to Reward Start-Ups for Their Innovation in the Smart Home
Submitted on: 03/18/15, 05:17 AM
he Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of leading global companies deploying Z-Wave, the world's largest ecosystem of wireless control products and services, is announcing a brand new competition to support and incentivize innovation on the Z-Wave platform. The yea

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Today's AV and Automation Industry Headlines

Riedel Products at Prolight + Sound 2015:
Submitted on: 03/27/15, 09:51 AM
Prolight + Sound 2015 Product Preview Riedel Communications Hall 8 Stand K80 April 15-18

Christie Hosts Energy Solutions Showcase In Houston
Submitted on: 03/27/15, 08:09 AM
Event features educational seminars and advanced technologies for oil and gas sector

With Parse Push, Chamberlain Informs Consumers that Their "Garage Door Just Opened"
Submitted on: 03/26/15, 12:40 PM
Garage Door Opener Notifications Bring Peace of Mind and Awareness Over What's Happening at Home with More than 20 Million Alerts to Smartphones Every Month

ISC West - FIBARO Sends Z-Wave Smart Home Control to the Top of the World
Submitted on: 03/26/15, 12:37 PM
Veteran climber will brave Mt. Everest to turn on lights, operate locks, and open garage doors to prove the reliability of Z-Wave devices from anywhere.

Liaison Smart Home Automation Announces Coast-to-Coast Expansion
Submitted on: 03/26/15, 12:35 PM
Colorado Integrators Bring Patented ETouch Technology to the National Stage

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Aeon Labs introduces the first of its sixth edition products, Smart Switch 6. The sixth Smart Switch works redeveloped technology along with new and existing features inside a product which now measures just over 2 inches in width and height, 66% smaller than Aeon Labs' first smart switch.

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