HomeToys Mentors help us learn the ropes.
Introducing Reza Raji of Echelon ... our  new Home Control Networking Mentor
Wayne Caswell has added more information about  Data Networking (Home Gateways and LANs).

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Coming in June
Remote Control of your Home or Cottage
How can we use new technologies (and some older ones) to monitor our home when we are at the office or out of town. Telephone / Internet / ???.
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April / May 2000

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Wireless Networks - Wayne Caswell current Mentor article sorts out some of the standards.
UnorthodoX-10 - 220/240/277v, 50Hz and triple-phase systems by Ido Bar-Tana
Ocelot Ladder Logic - Understanding and Using Ladder Logic with the Ocelot byGuy Lavoie
MultiDwelling Cables - Navin Sabharwal
discusses the opportunities for installing structured cabling in Multiple Dwelling Units.
Fast Hot Water - The Chilipepper is a small electronically controlled pump that mounts under your sink.
Power Conditioning - The good, the bad and the ugly by Paul McGowan
Building Trends - What "Bells and Whistles" are being offered - Ken Piazzi
Spring Cleaning - Thoughts on Home Networking by Kurt Sherf
Digital Future - Structured wiring for digital home technology by Penny B. Johnson
FutureProofing - Is it possible to futureproof your home? Wayne Caswell has some ideas.
SummerGrove - A planned community that boasts many of the latest in technology and advanced home wiring systems.
Cabling FAQ - Some tips and facts by Rick Hoelzel.

CEO of BeComm - Edward Balassanian
 President OSGI - John Barr
Cabling Manufacturers
Leviton - Mark Cerasuolo
Lucent - John Cowley
OnQ - Todd Regar 
Ortronics - David Gibson

X10 UK Devices
Wireless Transceiver
Stick-On Wall Switch
Wireless KeyFob

Press Releases from around the industry. There's a lot going on out there to learn about.

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